[REQ] Saplings Plant Them Selves

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Quantum-Sicarius, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Hello Awesome Plugin Creators!

    A spling as a loose item floating on the ground will plant itself after a while!
    ( Dispenser compatible , dispenser shoots a sapling and the sapling plants it self after a while! )

    Think of the possibilities!
    -> Self planting farms!
    -> Add the abbility to Seeds?
    -> Add the abbility to Cactus?

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    Your request on self planting seeds: sure if I have time, I am currently busy, but I will start coding tomorrow. This plugin does not look like it would be hard to make (depends) Please send me all details about this plugin idea of yours in a new conversation. Please include very specific details such as: time till seeds auto plant, configurable time? set amount of time? on what block can they plant them selves on? do they require a certain amount of light to auto plant? do you want trees to auto plant? etc.
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  4. @Jaker232
    TreeAssist only replants saplings under trees that did exsist, it doesn't allow saplings as an item to auto plant them selves! Anyway this would offer more features like: Seeds planting themselves maybe aswell as Cacti & Sugarcane. All this also adds more realism to minecraft, Forests will not just die out and more auto-farming will be possible!
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    @Quantum-Sicarius I apologize for my misunderstanding. Thanks for explaining more in-depth.
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    I made the requested plugin. Its called Self Planting.

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