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    Hello everyone my name is rajaboogaming, Me and my friend Lolrscape1 Have just thought of this amazing idea for a plugin.

    We were thinking how cool it would be to have familes,Get married, And Give birth.
    So here are our ideas,

    To start of you need to have a girl, Or a Boy Whatever, And You need Money (Should be configurable) Once you choose to get married you should need an item to give to the person you are marrying (Again configurable) And then you need a npc preist to get you married, You will need a wedding hall That can be made out of anything and set up via commands. once you are married you can have a baby.

    Ok to get pregnant You need to be married, If you are a boy and married to a boy, Or are a girl married to a girl you will have to adopt. But if it is a boy and a girl All you have to do is use a command (maybe while in bed) and the girl will get pregnant (Maybe when pregnant walk slower?) and it will take 9 minecraft days to have a baby, When you have a baby you will give birth

    When you have birth, You should loose half of your hearts, And have a 80% chance of a good baby and 20% chance of an evil one, You should also have a 1% chance of giving birth to herobrine.
    When you have a baby it should come out of a villager, And can be replaced with a player (If you want to)

    To adopt a baby should cost money, There should be sign support and also command support for example a command like this /tfb adopt <Girl or Boy> <Name> The price to adopt should be configurable.

    All diffrent types of babys have diffrent features,

    Girl good baby:
    Should have a girl like skin, And is nice and loving

    Boy good baby:
    Should have a boy like skin, And is nice and loving Likes to explore the world of minecraft

    Boy evil baby:
    This should have an evil skin and within 1 game week he should either
    A)Burn down the house-80%
    B)Steal everything from chests-10%
    C)Kill the parents-10%

    Girl evil baby:
    This should have an evil skin and within 1 game week he should either
    A)Burn down the house -70%
    B)Steal everything from chests-15%
    C)Kill the parents-15%
    Same as boy

    Herobrine Baby:
    This herobrine baby should have the herobrine skin.
    He should make the mum loose 19 hearts (so half a heart left) when born
    After the first week of in game minecraft week,
    A)Destroy the house
    B)Destroy the chests
    C)Kill the parents
    And should repeat this until stopped

    Sorry about this being long/complex

    Player Commands:
    /tfb help - Displays all commands.
    /tfb help <birth,Adoption,marriage,baby> - Whatever one is selected it should give them
    information about adoption/birth/marriage/babys
    /tfb baby <player name> - You must be in a bed to preform this command. It should send the player a request like this:
    <user who sent it> Has requested to have a baby with you! /tfb baby accept or /tfb baby deny
    /tfb baby accept - Accepts to have the baby with the command above
    /tfb baby deny - denys to have the baby
    /tfb familytree - This should display everyone in your family, And you relation to them
    /tfb adopt <Girl or Boy> <Name> - Adopt a boy or girl.
    /tfb adopt <Player> <Name> - Allows you to adopt a player and should apear like this
    <User who Sent> Has requested you to be your son - /tfb adopt accept or /tfb adopt deny
    /tfb adopt accept - Allows you to accept for the command above
    /tfb adopt deny - Allows you to deny for the command above
    /tfb teleport <family member name> - Allows you to teleport to Family members only
    /tfb deposit - Allows you to deposit into the family fund
    /tfb familyfund - Allows you to check the family fund

    Admin Commands:
    /tfb reload - Allows you to reload the plugin
    /tfb ForceBaby <Playername> - Allows you to force a baby into a player

    tfb.all - Access To all Commands
    tfb.help - Access to /tfb help command
    tfb.help.marrige - Access /tfb help marriage command
    tfb.help.birth - Access to /tfb help birth command
    tfb.help.adoption - Access to /tfb help adoption
    tfb.help.baby - Access to /tfb help baby command
    tfb.Pregnancy - Access to /tfb baby <player name> command
    tfb.Pregnancy.accept - Access /tfb baby accept
    tfb.Pregnancy.deny - Access to /tfb baby deny command
    tfb.familytree.display - Access to /tfb familytree command
    tfb.adopt.npc - access to /tfb adopt <Girl or Boy> <Name> command
    tfb.adopt.player - access to /tfb adopt <playername> command
    tfb.adopt.accept - access to /tfb adopt accept command
    tfb.adopt.deny - access to /tfb adopt deny command
    tfb.teleport - access to /tfb teleport <familymember name>
    tfb.deposit.familyfund- access to /tfb deposit command
    tfb.familyfunds.show - ccess to /tfb familyfunds command
    tfb.reload - Access to /tfb reload command
    tfb.forcebaby - access to /tfb forcebaby <playername command>
    tfb.admin - Gives access to all admin commands
    tfb.player - Access to all player commands

    Sorry for any confusion if you need any help contact me on
    Or leave a comment
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    If you are saying that when the woman gives birth it is two a new mob "baby" which is not already implemented into the game this would be hard to do unless you want to give birth to a full size person (Like a standard NPC from other NPC plugins) then it's not possible as it requires a new model etc Although I believe this is however possible through spout in a complicated way.
    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong I'm only a begginer-novice coder but as far as I am aware this is the case
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    There are villager children, but not male/female specific ones. There also might be something that could be done with NPCs; if memory serves you could use an NPC player and give it the skin of an account that looks like a boy or girl.

    So I think it's doable, but I think it would take a lot of work to make it stable... Personally I'm not interested in my house burning down or being killed by a homicidal child. ;)
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    Sounds great! Though it does sound a bit complex..
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    I'm totally going to make this !!!!!!! Have a Skype I would live to Chat about it
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    Ne0nx3r0 Testificate children can have all of the different textures and colors last time I checked. So you could have a small pink villager as a female and green villager as a male.

    Yeah though, this is a neat idea.

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