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    I have a plugin request!:)

    Im making an MMORPG-server, and i need a plugin to make it work just like i want it to do!:)
    In every MMORGP games, you have quest's like "mine 10 irone ores", and the ores will respawn at the same location in a matter of sconds and minutes, and thats why i need this plugin:

    A plugin that will respawn Ores, Trees (you name it)! :D

    I hope someone could take the time to make this for me!

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    Here is a plugin that spawns a sapling under each recently destroyed tree: LivingForest
    Not sure about your Ore respawn need, but couldnt that be easily taken advantage of?
    eg. find several diamond ore locations and mine then, wait for respawn, mine then, etc...
    What you could do is have a world soley for resource gathering, and dont allow building or mining in the main world or something, so as the world doesnt get stripped or ores and such. This way, when the resource world gets too demolished its not a big loss to just reset it as it wont have all of your main buildings, towns etc.

    Hope this helps in some way....
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    I got something awesome for you :3
    RPGworld hope you like this ;)
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    hey! :D Thank you, i'll look in to it, and try it out :D

    Thank you! :D

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