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    Hello, I have been looking for a server programmer due to me not being able to code java. So I decided to ask you guys.

    Please reply if you can help me. Name: AeonRPG ( Please name the plugin this )

    Task: I just need you to program basic permission nodes for certain groups. Such as Demons can swim in lava the node would be: AeonRpg.lavaswim having that node would allow you to swim in lava whilst not would just do what minecraft would normally do. Requirements ( What Races and what will be needed ) :

    Plugin Category: [RPG]

    Suggested name: AeonRPG

    What I want(Ideas for commands and permissions):
    Demons -
    All nodes added together - aeonrpg.demon
    • Can swim in lava, whilst taking no damage. node: aeonrpg.lavaswim
    • Can shoot fireballs that do not grief or make huge craters ( unfair for other factions ) - I think I can use essentials fireball for this if you want implement this as /pfire node: aeonrpg.fireball
    • Can walk in and through fire. node: aeonrpg.firewalk
    • Take damage from water, basically water is to them as lava is to a normal human they take damage like that, But at a much SLOWER rate and the damage must be reduced immensely about half a heart per 4 seconds. node: aeonrpg.waterdmg
    • When mining they can supersmelt, mine ores in their pure form etc.When mining diamond ore they will get the ore instead of the diamonds, When mining stone they get stone instead of cobblestone - Toggle on /psmelton and Toggle off /psmeltoff node: aeonrpg.smelt
    All nodes added together - aeonrpg.nymph
    • Breath underwater. node: aeonrpg.waterbreath
    • Move faster in water. node: aeonrpg.waterspeed
    • Damage they take is reduced whilst in water ( if possible ). node: aeonrpg.weakwater
    • Hit double damage in water. node: aeonrpg.dblewaterdamage
    • Fire does 2x more damage to them. node: aeonrpg.firedmg
    • Can only eat Fish, Bread, Steak, Golden Apples ( Any rank ). node: aeonrpg.nymphfood
    All nodes added together - aeonrpg.priest
    • Have no hunger bar. ( /pfeed command node: aeonrpg.nohunger
    • When they hit other players they heal half a heart. node: aeonrpg.hitheal
    • Cannot wear diamondchestplate or diamondleggings. node: aeonrpg.nodiamond
    • Can heal themselves, can only use it every 35 seconds. - /pheal command Can feed other players, can only use every 1 hour. node: aeonrpg.pheal
    • They hit 1/2 damage. node: aeonrpg.odmghalf
    • 50% damage reduction. node: aeonrpg.idmghalf
    All nodes added together - aeonrpg.Paladin
    • Automatically heal a heart every 10 seconds ( No matter where hunger is at ) node: aeonrpg.autoheal
    • Hit 2X damage. node: aeonrpg.odmgdouble
    • Everytime you hit there is a 35% of lightning smiting the last person you hit or where crosshair( pointer ) is pointed at. ( percentage can be increased? ) node: aeonrpg.clightning

    All nodes added together - aeonrpg.Angel
    • Flight ( Essentials flight or you can implement one into the jar ) Toggle on /pfly Toggle off /pflyoff ( no fall damage ) node: aeonrpg.fly
    • 50% Damage taken reduction. node: aeonrpg.idmghalf
    • Fire damage boosted by 50% node: aeonrpg.firebst
    • No hunger bar. node: aeonrpg.nohunger

    All nodes added together - aeonrpg.wraith
    • HeartSteal - The damage they deal to a mob and player is halved and heals them, every-time they hit something. node: aeonrpg.heartsteel
    • Aggressive/Hostile Mobs do not attack them.( Basically when they hit something
    • they heal half a heart if the first version is not possible ) node: aeonrpg.passivemobs
    • Gold swords do double damage to them. node: aeonrpg.igolddouble
    • They cannot wield diamond swords. node: aeonrpg.nodiamondsword

    All nodes added together - aeonrpg.titan
    • Flight ( Essentials flight or you can implement one into the jar ) Toggle on /pfly Toggle off /pflyoff ( no fall damage ) node: aeonrpg.fly
    • Damage resistance : 85% node: aeonrpg.titanresist
    • Cannot wear diamond chestplate or leggings. node: aeonrpg.noDiamond

    All nodes added together - aeonrpg.warrior
    • Deals 5% more damage ( Adjustable so when customers upgrade I can increase it to 10% then 15% then 20% etc. AeonRpg.bst.5 or AeonRpg.bst.10 or AeonRpg.bst.15 or AeonRpg.bst.20. node: aeonrpg.bst.5
    Please make nodes for the abilities.
    or create them as classes that are aside from permissions etc. /classes join <Titan>

    IF you do that can I have a permission node to give permission for each class they can join.

    Who I think would be Interested: chad53105 Ultimate_n00b Zach_1919
    bobacadodl Hoolean

    When I'd like it by: Take your time I know it is a big project, but around this month would be really good.
    An Auto-Rank for groupmanagers would be useful as well, since I cannot seem to find any auto-rankers for 1.4.5 ( Optional )
    It is 1.5.2 now so I have an auto-ranker

    Thanks from, Zach
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    Ugh let me bump this it has been long since it was up so why can't I!
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    KingPsychopath I would be interested, but as you probably saw in my other post, I am currently working on a big project for a server owned by MakeMeBacon and me, and I wouldn't be able to start until after that. I can't really put an estimate on the time either...
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    Thanks for tagging me.. kinda busy with FOUR big projects, 2 of them I'm having to put on hold.
    Look, I'll do this if I finish the classes plugin from another thread, but you'll have to wait a week+. If you do wait though, I can tell you that they will be awesome.
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    I might try this, although since it is a big project and I'm on vacation, it may not get finished soon.
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    This would be pretty complicated... But I would love to see it if someone does it!
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    Ahh no problems, If you are actually going to do it I can wait :D
    Yay, Well I can wait I pretty much see it permission-wise like you add the perms to a group instead of /classes join but if you acvtually do do it ty :D
    public void onChat (AsyncPlayerChatEvent event){
    if(event.getMessage().equalsIgnoreCase("Java sucks")){
    Player player = event.getPlayer();
    PotionEffect effect = new PotionEffect(PotionEffectType.BLINDNESS, 999, 10, false);
    effect = new PotionEffect(PotionEffectType.CONFUSION, 999, 10, false);
    Location loc = player.getLocation();
    loc.add(0, 13000, 0);
    Stuff like that which I saw in your siggy could help with critical hits except they are on hit and 10%.
    NP ty for replying, and I understand why you can't share that other servers files :p
    Thanks for replying guys!
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    KingPsychopath I will start on this right away :)

    EDIT: On the Water Damange listener. If anyone knows how to make it so it does half a heart every 4 seconds, please let me know.
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    <Edit by Jade: Removed advertisement.>
    Tell me what you think :p
    I done it :D
    Practice makes perfect :p
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    Trevor1134 cancel the damage made by drowning then get the players current health then set the players with player.getHealth() - 1

    would only remove half a heart every time.

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