[REQ] Regen health by a campfire

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Tal-N, Jun 22, 2011.

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    It always seemed a bit odd that in a game about exploring there was never anything to do with camping. Sure you can build a shelter, cook food in a..errr... portable oven. But when rations are low and beds don't do anything unless everyone sleeps at once there needs to be some salvation when you're alone in the wilderness or 100ft underground.

    My suggestion? Campfires. Or rather, fires in general. Be it burning logs or flaming netherrack an open fire should recover some lost health as you sit by it. I would suggest that netherrack is a slower regeneration rate due to it not being consumed by the flames while planks and logs give a higher rate since they burn to ashes.

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    Good idea, I like it +1 attention :).
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    +2 attention :)
    Great idea, would love to see this done.
    Maybe have the person sit by the fire? (see chair plug-ins, it's possible)
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    +3 like T.E.R.A. XD
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    Like this idea to, I'll try.

    It's done. =)

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    Yay :D.

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