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  1. Hello bukkit. I am here to request for plugin ideas to be made. I am calling it RPGRanks. The plugins purpose is to create 5 databases for these: Navy Ranks, Quest medals, donation rank, House, time in server, Discipline.

    Navy Ranks: This rank list is for determining a player's activity, behavior and skills in completing quests.
    Quest medals: Quest medals are rewarded to players when they complete a dungeon puzzle. My server currently has two atm.
    Donation rank: Different titles given to players who donated to the server
    House: My server has four set factions named Houses. Players are forced to belong in one.
    Time in server: Displays in hours how long you've been playing on the server
    Discipline Strikes: Shows how many times a player breaks a rule. 4 strikes and your banned. Here is an example:
    This means that a Player is a Petty Officer, has completed 4 quests the latest is green, he has donated 30 to the server, he belongs to the House of Lucifer, hes been active on the server for 10 hours and he has 1 strike.

    This plugin has no physical limitations or change to the end-user. It is subjective
    The idea behind this only works if the player itself will accept and comply with it. It doesn't change how they physically play minecraft. My server has these special rules that work outside the normal gameplay. We want to roleplay and have an RPG-like experience while playing Minecraft.

    command suggestion for this plugin (with perm nodes):
    /ranks (gives player local text display of their ranks of each category)
    /ranks navy [promote/demote] <player> (allows admins to promote/demote players in the navy rank list)
    /ranks donor [promote/demote] <player> (allows admins to promote/demote players in the donor list)
    /ranks medal [promote/demote] <player> (allows admins to promote/demote players in the medal list)
    /ranks time <player> [#number] (allows admins to change players time in game)
    /ranks house <player> [house name] (allows admins to change a player to another house)
    /ranks discipline [promote/demote] <player> (allows admins to promote/demote players in the discipline list)
    /ranks <player> (allows anyone to view other ranks of other players)

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    Navy Ranks:
    Master Chief
    Chief Petty Officer
    Petty Officer

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    Donor Rank:
    0 None
    10 Helper
    20 Sponsor
    30 Merchant
    40 Tycoon
    50 Philanthropist

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    Time been on server (in hours)

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    Discipline Rank:
    0 1 2 3

    HouseSpawn - New Players that join the game will automatically be given one of the four House titles. It is permanent and cannot be switched. Each House will have its own town. When player types: /house, they will be teleported to their respective House town. no config file necessary. This plugin goes with the RPGRank.

    CraftRestrict - This plugin allows admins to restrict the crafting of any items. When a player crafts an item, they get kicked and a popup kick message says "Your not allowed to craft this". There will be a config file that allows admins to put itemid numbers of craftable items to be restricted. In my server, I do not want players to be able to build stone, iron, gold or diamond tools/weapons.

    Iconomyevent - Be able to set prices and cooldowns on commands used by players. Dependant with Iconomy plugin (correct me if there is already a plugin like this)
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    Use permissions?
  3. YOU @Junalist81 may release this plugin under plugin submissions with your own name and package declaration if you wish, noone else may release it other than you.

    As for the Command Cooldowns one I will need more information from you, as there are plenty cooldown plugins available. If none of these fit your needs, let me know.

    I've not tested the plugin, just written it but it compiles fine.

    You can view the command list by typing /jung help in the console (or in game if you are op)
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    So is this plugin released or not? I really want this plugin

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