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    *Willing to pay $$$ based on quality*
    What im looking for is a plugin that can use an existing mysql time table, to promote members to particular ranks. The existing time table is from UtimeM extension of ULX admin mod for Garrysmod. The table looks like so:
    (index, globalid(gen. from steamid), totalTime(sec), lastVisit(lua's os.time() format), steamid, playerName, rank, minecraftName)
    the blue column would need to be added.

    On my minecraft server im currently using bPermissions to manage my users. im curious if it would be possible to read from the mysql db and apply the rank to the members. And i would like it to update the users time spent on the server.

    So step by step would be,
    - User joins and lastVisit from db is echo'd to the server chat
    - load totalTime and store it in session cache or similar
    - keep track of players time spent on server using a counter or function(if available)
    - when a player reaches a certain number of hours on the server, hook into bPermissions and execute /setgroup <player> <rank(replacing spaces with '_')>
    - when player leaves add sessionTime to totalTime and save it
    - update lastVisit

    Files and Commands,
    autopromote_users.yml #associate minecraft names and steamid's
    autopromote_ranks.yml #set at what hours to promote members (and blacklist certain ranks from being promoted from eg. admins donators dev)
    /playtime <player> #returns a users total time on server in readable format y,w,d,h,m,s

    Future plans for my server,
    - i plan on combining this with an irc server to handle global chat between all gmod and minecraft servers hosted for [iG] ingenious gaming.
    - adding a currency system based on time spent on the server
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    Bump~ I'm willing to pay between $10 - $30 for this Plugin

    im sorry for bumping this so much, i just really need this plugin for my server

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    I'll do it for £££ based on size of .jar file.
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    yea if you can do it go right ahead
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    I'll be interested to see how this turns out.
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    lol i hope your charging resonably
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    I'm sure this has potential, but be careful.
    If a griefer is on the server for X hours and no one catches the person the whole time, they'd get a free promotion and possibly do more damage.
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    Hey Samkio would you like a copy of the db to use for testing purposes?
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    yea its like that but it also promotes people to ranks off their time spent on the server.
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