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    Xero Fate

    *NOTE: I changed the suggested format abit because I don't think it goes to much into detail.*

    About Me
    Similar Plugins
    Completion Time
    Extra Stuffs
    Contact Information

    Category: Fun

    About Me: I'm a youngster still in training(school), I am 14(& 1/2) but age is just a number - isn't it?.
    Anyways I am a typical but technical teenage gamer, not a casual gamer - I'm all hardcore. I love my gaming PC
    since it can run any game out as of 19/05/12 that I know of, I mainly bought it for Minecraft though since
    its my main game(900hrs+ game-time). I soon will be learning Python then following Java but this will take close
    to 4 years since I won't be spending alot of time per day to learn these programming languages. My online alias
    is Xero Fate(Xeroh Fayte) and I used to be a console gamer untill I had an epiphany. Now I own/play 80+ PC games,
    by 'own' I mean I own the license allowing me to use the game for my own entertainment - kinda obvious but it will
    confuse some with no intellegience about laws of ownership. Yeah, well thats me - a 'Gaming Addict'.

    Concept: The concept is very simple, hordes of zombies that come & kill you. Each zombie rewards you with in-game
    money & points for the leaderboards. You use the in-game money to purchase items to help you survive longer. Each
    wave gets harder(increased health, amount & 'speed?'). Sounds similiar to 'Nazi Zombies' that comes with a few of
    the Call Of Duty's, right? Correct, I want the same type of gameplay & feel(the feel is hard to replicate so it's not
    a focus). There is already a plugin out there that I have tested extremely and it's very close to what I want but it
    is very buggy & missing some features that I want, it's called Tribu - based of off the discontinued plugin ZombieLand.

    Similar Plugins:
    Tribu - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fu...zombiesurvival-continuation-1-2-5-r1-4.27052/
    Quarantine - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/quarantine/

    Vote Next Map
    In-Game Economy(Only useable during that specific game)
    Customizable Player Cap Per Game
    Death Spawn(When you die you teleport to here)
    Initial Spawn(Where you spawn on game start)
    Game Interval Spawn(If another game is going to be played, the place of which you stay)
    Wave intervals(Customizable amount of time before each wave starts)
    Wave interval countdowns(5 Second countdowns before each wave)
    Game Intervals(Customizable amount of time before each game starts)
    Leaderboards(Signs & Chat Messages)
    Fully customizable messages(Colors are a must)
    Per wave zombie strength customization(Setup in the config - choose per wave amount, health & speed)
    Every zombie kill rewards a customizable amount of in-game money(& informs you of the kill via chat)
    Player kills(same as above feature - special infected, Left 4 Dead Versus mode style)
    Vote player kick(Kicks from server for customizable amount of time)
    Sign Shops(To spend per-game currency - echantable items purchasable(for potions etc.))
    Start of game & wave full server butcher(kills all mobs)
    Maximum wave(Once completed maximum wave game restarts, if a new map is chosen(voted) it uses that one)
    Player set zombie spawns(each spawn has it's own name & player is able to teleport to them via command)
    3 Player Modes For Admins(Creation(Allows for creation of game - e.g allows zombie spawnplacement) & Player(Player only commands e.g. Voting))
    *Maybe more, may of forgotten some*

    This is an example of the config, I would like something very similiar to this. This does not include the customizable messages.
    I C+P then edited the Tribu Config since it's very similiar to what I want.

    DontLooseItem: false
    RevertBlocksChanges: true
    StoreInventory: true
    Points: 100
    Money: 100
    Points: 12000
    Money: 12000
    SetTime: true
    HealPlayers: false
    TeleportPlayers: false
    SetTimeTo: 37000
    Delay: 30
    ServerExclusive: true
    Aggro: 1
    Focus: Nearest
    Health: [2,4,5,6,8]
    Quantity: [3,4,6,8,12]
    Speed: [0.8,0.9,1.0,1.2,1.4]
    Enabled: True
    MapVote: True
    Announce: Pre-Game
    Show Available Maps: True
    PlayerKickVote: True
    TimeBanned: 60
    Pre-gameTime: 120
    AutoStart: true
    DefaultLevel: Canabis Street

    Since I'm currently making a server called qVirus Horde I would like the name of the plugin to be
    qV Horde - but if this isn't to your liking then you may call it something else. The reason of why I'm
    explaining this is because if the plugin is called qV Horde then the base command would be /qV [command].

    Creation Mode Commands:
    /qv cm help - Displays all Creation Mode commands.
    /qv create [Name] - Creates a new map.
    /qv set ispawn - Sets the initial spawn.
    /qv set dspawn - Sets the death spawn.
    /qv set zspawn [Name] - Sets a zombie spawn.
    /qv set pgspawn - Sets the Pre-Game spawn.
    /qv list zspawn - Lists all zombie spawns
    /qv del [i|d|<zspawn name>] - Deletes selected spawn.
    /qv jump [i|d|<zspawn name>] - Teleports you to selected spawn.
    /qv load [Map] - Starts Creation Mode on selected map
    /qv save - Saves currently loaded map

    Admin Commands:
    /qv mode [player|create|spectator] <Player> - Sets your or another players mode.
    /qv map jump [Map Name] - Teleports you to selected map.
    /qv start <Map Name> - Starts the game (If map name is typed it starts on selected map).
    /qv stop - Stops the game.
    /qv kill [Player] - Kills the selected player.
    /qv leave - Leaves the game.
    /qv join - Joins the game.

    Player Commands -
    /qv leaderboards - Displays top 10 players on the leaderboards.
    /qv vote <kick> [Player|Map] - Votes to kick a player or select next map.
    /qv map list - Lists all maps.

    /qv cm help - qv.cm.help
    /qv create [Name] - qv.cm.create
    /qv set ispawn - qv.cm.set.ispawn
    /qv set dspawn - qv.cm.set.dspawn
    /qv set zspawn [Name] - qv.cm.set.zspawn
    /qv list zspawn - qv.cm.list.zspawn
    /qv del [i|d|<zspawn name>] - qv.cm.del
    /qv jump [i|d|<zspawn name>] - qv.cm.jump
    /qv load [Map] - qv.cm.load
    /qv save - qv.cm.save
    /qv mode [player|create|spectator] - qv.ad.mode
    /qv map jump [Map Name] - qv.ad.map.jump
    /qv start <Map Name> - qv.ad.start
    /qv stop - qv.ad.stop
    /qv kill [Player] - qv.ad.kill
    /qv leave - qv.ad.leave
    /qv join - qv.ad.join
    /qv leaderboards - qv.pl.leaderboards
    /qv vote <kick> [Player|Map] - qv.ad.vote
    /qv map list - qv.ad.map.list

    Completion Time:
    A.S.A.P. but if you want more specifically when I want it completed by,GMT 0 22:25 26/05/12.

    Extra Stuffs:
    - If the server i'm currently making is successful then I will be making more servers by the brand of
    qVirus. This means I would very much like a plugin developer to be part of our team(of 2 people). This
    will automatically grant you access to 'Moderator Status' on all servers branded with qVirus. If you
    do want to become part of our team add me on Skype - thxerofate (Xero Fate). Being plugin developer
    for our team means you will develop private plugins that we request. Me & other members of the team will disscuss
    with you what we would like, you may also contribute to the ideas of a plugin.
    - I would like this plugin to only be available for me to download - so it makes our server unique.
    - As you probably noticed I said '3 Player Modes' in the 'Features' section but there was not a 3rd one. This is
    because I added it here to make the post look nice :D. The 3rd mode would be a 'Spectator Mode' allowing Admins to
    be inside the map as the game is played & not effect it at all - so no damage both ways, no push(Player does not push
    other players & zombies), Player is invisible.

    Contact Information:
    Skype: thexerofate (Xero Fate)
    E-Mail: thexerofate@gmail.com
    Youtube: XerohFayte (youtube.com/xerohfayte)
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    Just rig mob arena.
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    Xero Fate

    Did you read the whole post?
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    I did. And everything you want and more can be done with an expertly set up mob arena.
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    Xero Fate

    Yep sure it can, & my C*** can make a girl orgasm if set up expertly :p

    Anyways, thnks 4 the suggestion.

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    Gl getting someone to dev this then. And there is no need to be rude.
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    Xero Fate

    I'm doing it right now :p
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    How mature some of the minecraft community is.
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    I'm also addicted in playing different games especially zombie games and I already played different zombie games like left 4 dead, Walking dead and War Z.

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