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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by anthony42808, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I need a plugin that allows the player to rightclick a sign and be able to purchase (with iconomy or essentials) that specific group on the sign.

    EXAMPLE: On a sign
    [Group Up]

    [Group Up] would be on the first line
    Member would be the Group or Rank that only the Guest could Group up in.
    Guest would be the only group that can purchase with this sign, a Member cannot purchase this, nor could an admin
    $100 Would obviously be how much money it takes to purchase that rank.
    Also their would have to be a permission that allows only admins, (groupup.admin.create), to create that sign.
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    Cool idea, Shouldn't be that hard :)
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    nope it shouldn't :), I seen a plugin similar just with classes for heroes and not permission groups
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    I could make it pm me if you interested
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    Please post it onto here or pm me also?
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    - Adds a charge to use a sign. (Economy)
    - Stop charged section with '$'

    - Require a permission node to use the sign.
    - End permission section with '&'

    - Limits the sign use to only that group
    - Stop group check with '@'"

    This is one of the most useful plugins around. It has so many applications. I see people posting on here all the time asking for a plugin to be created that could be easily done by CommandSigns.
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    Hmmm... could you make an example, like a picture of the sign and the commands in order?

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