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    Hello Everybody,

    I'm requesting a Plugin by the name of "PortalControl"

    Ever since Nether Portals came active in 1.6, there has been an impact on Multiworld Servers because the Portals were nor made with Multiworld in mind.

    What i mean is:
    a) Portals in the Main World(World Zero) lead to the Netherworld, like they should.
    b) Portals in the Nether World(World One) lead to the Main World, like they should.
    c) Portals in the Extra World(World Two) lead to the Netherworld(World One)
    ... but then, when u use a Portal initially created from the Extraworld in the Nether, thus generating a Portal in the Netherworld, then there is a new Portal generated in the Main World.

    This means there is no way to use a Portal in the Nether that originated in the Extra World that you can use to get back to that World. You have to go over the Main World.

    Now i found a Plugin that blocks Portalusage "NoPortal", but it would be really nice to be able to allow Players to build Portals, but taht Controlls this process to link the Build and following in the Other World created Portal together and allows you to specifiy were Portals that are built in a World will lead to.

    mainworld = mainworld_nether
    extraworld = extraworld_nether

    Portals built in either mainworld or mainworld_nether would allways lead to the other "connected" world, while portals built in extraworld or extraworld_nether will allways lead to there "connected" worlds.
    Now when a Portal is built in say in extraworld, it will vreate a portal in extraworld-nether and link the two portals. So when u go to the extraworld_nether and use that portal there again, you dont go to the mainworld, but back to the extraworld.

    ATM i can only block Portalbuilding as whole, thus disallowing Players to build there own nether Portals using the methodes that came with 1.6.

    Can this be done?
    Who is up for the challenge?
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    Might wanna edit your thread title to "[REQ] PortalControl" so people know when they are looking threw the threads.
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    I allready did, thx, forgot that on first Post
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    Fell to Page 3, so im giving it a bump.
    Is this even possible?

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