[Req] Plugin that stops mass leaving and joining via hacked clients. [$15]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by KevinSeabury, Dec 11, 2011.

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    As the title suggests I need a plugin that works on the latest dev build that stops people with modified clients to be able to spam "Douchebag has left the game." and/or a combination of mass leaves and joines.
    So the plugin needs to be able to stop both mass spamming the leave packet and a combination of joining and leaving.
    I will pay 15 dollars to whoever makes this plugin however I ask that I see that it works, you by no means have to give me the plugin but if you could start up the server on the latest dev build with the plugin installed so I could test out its functionality, that would be fantastic.
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    I have online-mode to true...after a couple hundered leaves and joins that fills up the entire console, it kicks them. It does not ban. I guess I should have been more specific in the description.
    I want a plugin that bans people that spam the quit and join packet. Sorry for not clarifying that earlier.
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    NOcheat might , I swear I saw something doing this once somewhere around here.
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    NoCheat only stops command spamming with its new update. There are 3 plugins that try and prevent this, LeaverBuster,LogBuster and SpamBuster but none of them work.
    To my knowledge there are no working plugins that fix this problem.
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    To my knowledge, LeaverBuster is working just fine, I just have to update it for the latest CraftBukkit builds.
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    Jeez, maybe i should do this. Seems like a lot of people want this
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    LeaverBuster does work on 1337 but we live in the age of 1.0.0 so I need a plugin that stops these spammers on the dev builds.
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    Also I wanna point out that this type of an attack is known as a DOS attack... Really... there isn't a way to fix the lag if this user has a stronger internet connection than your server. Even depending on the number of users... it can take less and less on their party to cause the server to come down from the amount of information sent to your computer.
    Just saying....
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    I have updated LeaverBuster for the latest CraftBukkit builds, check my signature.
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    My server is hosted in a datacenter in Kansas City, it really can't be DDoS'ed. The problem I keep having is kids that come on to my server with 300 alts and spam this. It does not lag my server but makes chat unusable.
    @Rahazan The plugin still does not work maybe because of one of my other plugins? Where does LeaverBuster store the banned player?
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    It bans the players in the default Bukkit-way. You can find these bans in banned-players.txt

    This is what is logged to the console when a player gets banned for leaving too many times within the set timeframe.
    "[LeaverBuster] " + player.getName() + " has been banned from the server."

    It should ban those alts, one by one.
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    Just loaded up the latest dev build and put just LeaverBuster in the server plugins folder and made myself the Default Rank on my server so I could be banned. I used .rage with a hacked client and it did nothing. I was able to rejoin like nothing happened.
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    If you could send me a private message with your config.yml and a link to this hacked client, I can try and see what needs to happen to the existing plugin.

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