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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Jonchun, Jul 2, 2012.

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    If you are a plugin developer (must be experienced!) that is interested in this project, please PM me or Contact me on Skype : jonchunxd

    I have a list of major features that I want, I am not posting the feature list here in order to preserve the originality of the ideas. :D

    (Obviously, if you're interested, I will be private messaging you the feature list)

    If anyone knows coders that would be interested, please tag them!
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    Not allowed to offer money (please read the rules).

    Regardless, you're probably going to need to give a little bit of information. Again, read the sticky.
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    Have fun trying to get someone to make the plugin.
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    Oh. That was a silly mistake on my part. Thanks for the heads up!

    Obviously, interested developers will be given the feature list BEFORE they actually start making the plugin...
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    My interest is determined by the features that the plugin will have to implement.
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    Yea same here
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    Going to assume you've all done your proper dev.bukkit.org searching and this request is not fulfilled by:

    ; )

    As a side note as Sushi mentioned you'll almost always get more bite by posting what you want publicly. Playing the "it's my secret idea" game usually does more harm than good, especially since the majority of plugins developed on this forum are released publicly anyway.
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    Hey, thanks for the shoutout. Someone on my testing server told me he found this request, to which my response was :confused:

    Erm, what Neon said. Seriously, I don't know that many developers would put in the time and effort I have when something like what I've created is already available.

    Unless you are asking about something fundamentally different, of course.
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    Well, to be honest, I didn't realize at the time that hiring a plugin dev to code for you was no longer allowed. It was initially supposed to be a HIRE thread for a PRIVATE plugin. No, your plugin doesn't even come close to what I want. (Doesn't mean it's a bad plugin of course. I just have different visions than you do of an Avatar plugin)
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    </slap to the face>

    orion304 I thought the plugin was awesome when I field tested it; just needs refining since it's new.
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    And again, what exactly is wrong with wanting to hire someone to do it in a more customized way, EXACTLY the way I wanted it? His plugin is missing a very important feature (not one that's negligible like bending skills. Something else) that would make the plugin I'm requesting unique and one-of-a-kind. I repeat: The original aim of this thread was to hire a PRIVATE plugin to be customized for my server and only my server. I did NOT know at the time that the plugin request forum wasn't the right forum for that kind of request...

    How do I close the thread?
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    This is the right place. The only problem is, you're kind of asking someone to redo someone else's work. I mean, are the features that different? If not, ask the developer. If so, post WHY they are different. WHY should a potential developer make this?
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    Yes, there are major feature differences. Also, the WHY is the money. The WHY I would pay money rather than request the original developer, is to ensure I get quick updates, full support, and make the plugin PRIVATE. I don't want a bunch of clones popping out of nowhere. Or at least... if someone clones my ideas, I don't want it to be from a public plugin.
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    Well, that WHY is actually not allowed. No offering money/donations...

    EDIT: Oh hey, I actually already posted this, but it was ignored.
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    JagCraft , Dont ask for money!
    Monetary offers will be removed on this website, so dont say "I will pay any one to help me solve this problem" Bukkit does not allow any money transferring/offers of any sort. In threads or in PM's, or whatever DO NOT use bukkit.org as a median for money! That goes for dev.bukkit.org. Threads with monetary offers WILL be subject to deletion by the staff.
    Take it off site!
    From my thread: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ho...in-no-time-also-formatting-your-thread.84352/

    Also, if you drew a 100 ft picture that took you 3 months to complete, and your boss said "Do it again, but in blue." I think you would leave the job.

    Edited some thing, i forgot.
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    JagCraft Bukkit doesn't deal with monetary offers because of the legal issues and dramatics associated with monetary exchanges.

    If I was you I would see if you could work with the existing plugin and add the features you find are missing or request them be added to the public plugin. It'll save a ton of development time, and put the weight of maintenance on someone else's shoulders. Don't underestimate how big of a pain in the ass it is to maintain a plugin (especially one as complex and mechanic manipulating as this one), even if your role is throwing more money and instructions at a dev.

    Many people post in this section saying "Well my top secret plans are different and unique and well worth the dozens of man hours some poor dev will put into this!" and often it turns out when they post their actual ideas it's entirely feasible with existing plugins.

    Still, you might get lucky and some dev will decide to help you out. If this is the case, then I wish you luck.
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    Can someone explain why this thread is still active
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    Maybe because every one is yelling at the thread creator
    Maybe evry one is telling him no money allowed on this website.
    SPOILER (open)
    Maybe because of cookies. ^_^ I cant really tell
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    Well, that's why I edited the original post...

    I don't get it. People keep telling me that I'm not going to get any plugin creators this way. I KNOW that now... They're ignoring the fact that this thread initially offered money for the plugin, because I did not know it wasn't allowed... Is it that hard?

    I already said I know that. My thread was edited. The only time I mention money is when people keep asking me why a Dev would bother doing this for me. My answer was that I originally had offered money without knowing it's not allowed...

    Also, the 100ft picture is being taken out of context. My situation is closer to:
    There's a publicly available 50x50 picture that anyone can go and get for free. However, the boss wants a 100x100 picture (better quality) and is willing to pay money for it (again, money was offered BEFORE I knew it wasn't allowed). Sure, the picture exists, but I wanted a unique, better-quality picture. One that only I would have access to, in order to make my server unique...

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