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    I've got to be up early in the morning so I'm going to keep this short :)

    My server, CobCraft, is in need of a few (pretty simplistic) plugins but we seem to have been adding to the list so instead of coming onto these forums every time we get an idea and hoping for some plugin dev to complete the plugin for us, we'd like a dedicated developer to be part of our server and create these plugins for us exclusively (On your terms ofcourse, so if you really don;'t want it to be exclusive its your choice).

    Although I say simplistic plugins, our server uses spout so along with knowing how to make plugins (yeah that is a very vague thing to say xD) you'll need to have experience with spout.

    To give you an idea of the plugins we want (not in detail though)
    - When first joining you are immediately tped to spawn (to cancel out the tp to the roof)
    - A boat/ship teleport system
    - 1.9 global music
    - 1.9 enchantment + iconomy
    - Blockey (this is the most complex one I think)

    Obviously, if you can't create a plugin then you can't do it, nothing wrong with that but we'd like you to atleast make an effort and try your best :) maybe you'll learn from your mistakes and work it out!
    Thank you.

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