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    So a few days ago I downloaded the Towny plugin, because it looked cool and I wanted to get rid of griefers but still allow anyone to come onto my server. However, it was way too complicated to configure and set up, so I ditched it. Here is my request:

    I would like a plugin that allows users to set up plots that only the people who claim them (and their friends) could build in. Simple as that. Here are the specifics:




    plot_size: 16 (should configure before making plots)
    plot_number_per_user: 1
    using_permissions: true
    using_iconomy: false
    plot_cost: 100


    /pp claim
    /pp unclaim
    (if using iconomy) /pp buy
    (if using iconomy) /pp sell
    /pp add friend <username> <username> <etc.>
    /pp del friend <username> <username> <etc.>
    /pp view friends


    plotprotect.* - all PlotProtect permissions
    plotprotect.claim.unclaim - claim and unclaim plots
    plotprotect.buy.sell - buy and sell plots
    plotprotect.friends - add, delete, and view friends

    So that's it! I'd love it if someone could develop this plugin for me.
  2. Is this what you are looking for?

    It doesn't have economy/cost support, but everything else it supports:
    - Friends support (add/del/view)
    - Claim/unclaim support (Buts it auto, it senses when a player has built enough on a area)
    - plot size is always locked to 16x16 (a chunk)
    - plot size is infinite in vertical direction (sky-bedrock)
    - Permissions support
    - Possible to limit how many plots a player may own.
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    This is almost perfect. Thanks for recommending. :)

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