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    Plugin Category: Security, chest and door lock

    Suggested Name: Variable Locks!

    My request:
    I once had a plugin that did all I wished for people being able to lock chests, and others being able to pick said locked chests...

    It was perfect! You would use items (such as gold, iron, or diamonds) to "lock" a chest, depending on what item you used it would strengthen the toughness of the lock or leave it simply locked. It would consume the item used to lock it, of course. The idea is that there is a "cost" to lock an item, and based on the value of the lock, that makes it just as spendy to unlock it.

    To "pick" the lock, the thief would have to spend items to try to unlock it. It would consume whatever they are trying to unlock it with, so they might not want to just keep trying and trying to unlock it endlessly.

    I had mine set up to where you would "use" 5 diamonds to give it the strongest lock available. (consuming the item) You could use up 20 iron or 10 gold ingots to try to unlock it, or 5 diamond if you thought what inside was that valuable.... and once it was unlocked it remained unlocked for 5 minutes for you to loot before locking again to the previous strength. You can use any items for this, I just used the most commonly used "valuable" items that are available. You could potentially "lock" it with any item, including clocks or flint I suppose, and that is really a useful thing for server owners to be able to chose.

    Now I loved that I could just use items like diamond, iron, or gold ingots to lock the chest, it is like "buying" a better lock, because the person who wished to "pick" the lock would have to use that same item or it's equal worth in other items to open the chest. So if you locked a chest with a single diamond and it cost the raider 20 silver ingots to raid that chest just to find out that you filled it with dirt, hahaha!

    I would love to see this plugin updated, it was the only "locking chest" plugin that seemed to fit the most "realistically" into the minecraft world, and perhaps see it extended to include doors as well.

    Idea for Config File:
    I would like to limit the number of chests and doors each player is able to lock, and of course be able to set what items are used for locking each, and for picking.

    Ideas for commands: Ideally, the only commands by the players would be to check their locks, to see what strength of lock they have on a particular chest or door, or if it was broke into. Server admin could possibly remove the locks off of chests and doors as well.

    Ideas for Permissions:
    variablelock.ignorelock -for use by admins or moderators, will not prevent them from opening chest
    variablelock.picklock - To allow groups to be able to pick locks
    variablelock.chestlock - to allow people to lock their chests
    variablelock.doorlock - perhaps to allow the locking of doors as well!

    When I need it:
    Honestly, I am willing to wait for a properly made plugin. It is something I wish to offer to the use of my players. I want them to be able to lock their chests, but not some mystical and magical "lockette" way with signs.

    Similar Plugins:

    Updated to properly format it for ease of reading xD

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    This would be cool
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    Couldn't be too hard. Might try and look into it tomorrow
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    Custom GUI using spout would be awesome.
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    As for that, for now, we'll stick away from spout

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    No need to delve into spout, hey thanks! I will try it out!
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    Well, all alternatives do not do what I wish this one to do, is there anyone out there that could try to do this?
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    Is this not any good for you? It does basically everything you wanted.
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    No, it is not what I wanted.

    No, that one only lets people pick locks, not lock the items itself. I want there to be an item cost to lock things, and an equal item cost to unlock them. Fully configurable for both, of course.

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    Perhaps instead its a percentage chance to unlock with some more common item then a diamond? Like 1% chance to pick a diamond lock, and it uses an arrow and a piece of string each time, and a configurable time limit before they can attempt to pick the lock again? That would add much more "ragequit" to unlocking a chest.
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