[REQ] PhpBB3 Auth [Greylist]

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    Please close this thread @lukegb

    This is made by @blargh

    Plugin category: WEB / PHP / FORUM

    Suggested name: PhpBB3Auth (bad name :p)

    What I want: I want a greylist for my server. If you want to remove the greylist you need to register on a my forum (phpbb3). This can be done through the username or a extra

    Ideas for commands:
    /forum enable // Enabling plugin
    /forum disable // Disabling plugin
    /forum status // Checking the status of the plugin (on/off)
    /forum lookup (player name) // Check if they have a account

    Ideas for permissions:
    plugin.override // You don't need a profile on the forum.
    plugin.admin.enable // Can enabling the plugin
    plugin.admin.disable // Can disabling the plugin

    Willing to pay up to: $0 - I don't have enough money for giving a donation to you. Maybe if you keep it active and make more plugins for me, I can donate a little bit

    When I'd like it by: Soon as possible, please
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    +1 I need this too
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    No one? I think there is many who needs this :)
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    i need this too
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    Working on plugin. Should be kinda easy. I added Automatic update and localisation on the toDO.
    Which Events should canceled?
    What else?
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    I just thought on setting it to execute a console command but pvp, switch (redstone), doors, placing items, breaking items, and a some commands you can set in a config maybe?? Thanks :)


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    What exactly does greylist mean? They can be on server but not build anything until the register? :eek:
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    @SwiftTwo It's something similar as a whitelist but they can see the server and chat :)
    @blargh Fine, Thanks :)
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    Ohhh I see.

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