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    I have seen one of these mods however, it does too much makes it too easy in a sence.

    Simple Idea
    You have a chest, you place a sign somewhere next to it saying [OPEN CHEST], and if an item is in the block above the chest or double chest, it puts it in the chest. It has to be above, not near, not next to it ABOVE.

    It makes sence i thought i planned to use this with other plugins that have chest stuff.

    The USES:
    • Mods that do chest stuff, is now possiple to do it easier
    • Donation Boxes
    • Mob Trap collecting
    Little diagram to make it easier for you Dev's what im saying

    i = Item
    C = Chest

    Zero Seconds


    One Second

    Two Seconds
    CC (Contains the Item now)

    I don't care what else u decide to include with this like filters, just whatever else you add make them configurable


    P.S i'll most likly take this up myself if i finish learning Java and using Bukkit fast enough :p

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