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    Hello Everyone. Im here to ask for a plugin.

    Where You can have a wall of signs and when someone new login into the server there name will be added to the list.

    Like this:
    Online Users​
    Then it will keep making new signs and removing signs as people login and out of the server.​
    An then for it to work you put on the sign:​
    [Users Online]​
    If anyone can make this I would like to make the video for the thred.​
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    Edit: Okay, I'm looking into this BUT I may need some help with it so if any developers want to be collaborator in my private github repo send me a pm :)

    Also, to the OP, can you list all the features you would like it to have?

    Edit2: You said you would first have to create the sign and put [UsersOnline] as the first line...but how would the plugin know WHERE to create new signs? You need to be a lot more specific. Also, in your example you have 5 lines of text...signs only support 4 lines of text.
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    1: All the features I would like is were i can select a part of the wall like worldedit. (like //wand but something different.) If you would like me to make a video about it and describe more about what i would like to do i can.

    2: The main sign will be placed on the top left of the selected wall and then it will make signs under it till full then go to the right and keep going. ( in the video i will also add what i would like if you don't understand.

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    I think the coolest way to do it would be to have one sign, and have the online users scroll on it. :) Just my two cents.
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    That would look ok but im looking for like having it in a small wall at spawn
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    Why not just use essentials or something that provides a /who or /list?
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    Because signs are cool.

    I think I'll give this a shot, although I may differ a bit on how it's done, mainly, signs not appearing/disappearing so you can set them wherever you please.

    All done.

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