[Req] noClip working on Bukkit (for machinima purposes)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by tehMorag, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Edit: wow botched the title :/

    Hey guys, I am the Project Manager for Bashcraft: The Legend of Hobo and I am in need of some help! This might be a tough one

    I am looking to get noClip working on Bukkit (for machinima purposes)
    We have been working around this limitation of the Minecraft client for far to long. From what I have been reading there this will need to be broken down into 2/3 different needs...
    • Version of craftbukkit.jar that can support noClip
    • Mod to toggle noClip (optional but would be nice)
      • Might be stuck with client side hacks for this one...
    If anyone knows of a way to get this working on bukkit... That would be amazing...
    We are also looking for a few Bukkit/Client modders to help us out with the series

    Feel free to post here, send me a PM here, or PM me on our forums (http://www.bashcraft.com) about anything you would like to know!
    Thanks guys!

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    thread title fixed :)
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    Why can't you just use Zombe's fly mod? (and nocheat to disable it for others, permissions or OP )
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    You'd need both a plugin and a client side mod...pretty sure it can be done from a plugin using reflection though, but there's a problem client-side, any object that's inside a block will automatically get (visually) pushed outside ;)
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    Which other NoClip clients are there? Does CJC or whatever do it? I can spam the author if you like......
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    I think he means a hack client. (Like Nodus or Nethercraft)
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    Nodus doesnt have noclip
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