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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by wacossusca34, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Hey, I'm the lead (And only) developer for a project called Minescape at the moment. It's a quickly growing project that already has a considerable amount of work done with it, however the need of another developer is pretty high. The workload I have is pretty huge.

    If you aren't a plugin programmer, this thread is nothing but boring blabbering to you. Don't bother reading it.

    It's really hard to explain what Minescape is in a nutshell. I'm basically transforming Minecraft from it's creative aspect to an MMORPG one, making several relations to popular MMO games, such as runescape. This consists of a framework of plugins, and hopefully client side mods to enahnce the gameplay even further. I'm making a serious attempt at reforming Minecraft's gameplay into something that focuses on player combat and customization rather than building. A massive world (And I mean massive) is being constructed from the ground up by a talented timelapse crew, featuring custom terrain, landmarks, cities, and towns. This allows the players to be both astonished by our map, and the project itself.

    Planned features include:

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    - A complex skill and race system. I'm planning to split three different character races each into their own specialties, allowing room for the player to customize how they want their character to function. For example, an elf could specialize in use with a bow, or a dagger, or could do a balance of both. They could unlock certain skills that help them use stealthy approaches to their targets, or they could choose other skills that allow them to do critical bows from some positions. Allowing each player to be a little unique in it's own way gives the players a feel that their setup is their own.

    - A dungeon system. This is planned to be rather simple, allowing players to locate dungeons entrances, complete them individually or with a party, and gain the loot and EXP. This will be setup to be one of the more popular ways of leveling up, and will be the only way of getting enchanted items - through boss loots.

    - Monsters with a defined level, and characteristics to suit different areas of the map. For example, a level 6 zombie would reside close to the spawn and wouldn't harness any special abilities, while a level 40 skeleton might shoot exploding arrows. The difference in power between these mobs will be astronomical to the point where a low level wouldn't dare venture out into higher level areas.

    - Synced servers. This may seem of the most complex, but it's nearly finished. I want multiple servers all with the same settings and configurations, so that a player could log into one, play a bit, then log into another server and have the exact same stats, inventory, and location. I already have a setup that is working perfectly fine below:


    - Questing. This is something that is not required before my beta release, since implementing a questing system into this would be beyond difficult. However, I will make a valid attempt at it.

    All this is cradled into a massive, diverse world, with huge landscapes, varied and custom biomes, and majestic cities. A lot of smaller features such as memberships, shops, banks, and professions will be implemented as I work on the larger sections - they are pretty simple. As you can tell, it's a pretty big project, and it has a lot of potential.

    However, client side mods to extend Minecraft's current item sets would improve the gameplay by a huge amount. The ability to create loads of new weapons, armors, and possibly mobs would make this beyond unique. However, I don't have any experience in client side modding. I'm intending to jump right into the mod API when Mojang releases it, but I'm worried if it's even worth waiting for. I've done Java for a while now, but bukkit and Minecraft are newer fields of development for me. I know it sounds a little insane to be taking on a project like this, but I do have a lot of free time, and it's already working well.

    If you are interested in this project, read below:

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    I need a programmer who is rather familiar with Bukkit. Since I'm still relatively new to it, it won't be much of an issue if you don't know the API off the top of your head. However, your overall Java skills should be quite good. I've done a decent amount of programming before, and I will warn you, some of the stuff I will do won't be simple. I'm using PHP to connect the the MySQL database, SQL (Duh!) for interacting with the database, JConnector to interact with the database from the main server, and a whole lot of server programming since the main server is coded from scratch.

    Getting your mind around some of this may not be too simple, so I'm expecting someone who is relatively experienced with these sorts of things. However, I'm no professional, so if you are somewhat familiar with what I'm doing here, don't hesitate to post.

    When you're posting, just advertise what you are capable of! I want to know how good you are, and the better you present yourself, the better you look to me. I really don't have an age limit, but I have a maturity limit. If I find that you're too immature to work with, I just won't bother.

    My main website can be found at http://wacos.ca , and the Minescape project is housed at http://wacos.ca/minescape/Home.php. Take a look at some of our photos on the gallery, but just keep in mind they are outdated (I will get new ones soon).

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    Moved to a more appropriate forum.
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    I've seen you before...
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    Yes. I was on your server.

    I was not joking when I said I was working on a large project. I joined your server because I saw a few nice builds on your server, and I was curious on whether you had builders who could could help furthermore with our map. I honestly don't think we have much of an issue with our current builders, but it doesn't hurt to take a closer look at the server. I have to admit though, it's quite nice!
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    I'm not the best Java Programmer in the world, and I am rather knew to the Bukkit API, but I'm willing to help out on this. I know PHP (first programming language I ever learned), Html, CSS, Java, and a tiny bit of JavaScript.

    Please PM me if you're interested in working together ;)

    I've also go Jnorr44 who would most likely help me if I had any problems.
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    Yep, I definitely could, and probably would.
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    Tell me what you can do to help, not just say you can. You could be a flying purple goat that codes in Python for all I know. Tell me about yourself.
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    I am just assisting pigplushy
    I won't be actually working on the plugin. You should see my plugins for an example of my work.
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    I am very willing to help, I'm newer to plugin development, but I could still probably help quite a bit.
  10. I will help I have a few years Java Experience and I have run out of ideas for plugins So I would love to help
    I don't really know much about bukkit API I'm sorry but I can make commands listeners and just a few more common but essential things you need for a plugin
    Look at my BukkitDev Page for my work
    xxCoderforlife is my Username on Dev.
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    Sorry, not interested. I'm completing all plugin and database / main server related programming before I go adding new functionality into the game itself. Plus, I will probably want to go to an extent that your API does not offer.

    However, it is a pretty impressive creation. It would be good for some other projects of this scale.
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    Hmm, Im not very good with bukkit but i would be glad to help.. If i have nothing to help with / Cant help im sorry :eek:

    I look forward to your project! Hope it comes live
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