[REQ] Nether Pigmen drop chainmail parts

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Kalemar, Jun 8, 2011.

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    I have what should be a fairly simple plugin.

    Firstly, I like the idea of making or using chain mail. Secondly, Pigmen in Nether are neutral and why would you attack them when doing so gets you ganged up on (they seem to hold a grudge). Since they only drop cooked pork I imagine many people would just leave them alone.

    I have a theory to make the whole experience more worth while and entertaining.

    Simply put, have Pigmen drop random chainmail parts. It would be good to have a configuration file which controls the drop chance percentage and possibly different drop chances for the various parts.

    Bragging rights would go to those who manage to get a full set of chain.

    If this is already possibly, I apologize but I could not find anything which fits.
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    CookieMonster is a great plug-in that edits the monster drops and also gives or takes money. (Money is optional and requires another plugin like iConomy.)
    It even can give more or less (or nothing) depending on the item used.
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    I'll give that a try. No point re-inventing the wheel.
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    Yes. This works perfectly and allowed me to change a few more things... Skeletons drop the occasional bow, spiders now drop web and slimes drop sponges on rare occasions. CookieMonster works perfectly for me.

    This thread could probably be removed.

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