[REQ][NEED DEVs] UT/CS-Battlemods

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    [REQ][NEED DEVs] UT/CS-Battlemods

    hi @ all :)

    I'm currently working on a RPG+Adventure+Jumping Server, and a Battlemap Server in Unreal Tournament Style.

    For the last, i need a Developer to create some special Mods, wich fit the UT Gameplay.

    The Server always runs the newest craftbukkit release (perhaps spout could be used, too).
    Mods i actually use:
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    • Biome
    • ChestShop
    • Commandbook
    • CraftBook
    • EpicZones
    • iConomy 7
    • Multiverse
    • NoSpawn
    • Permissions EX
    • PVP Money
    • ServerSign
    • SupplySign
    • VariableTriggers
    • worldedit
    • worldguard

    the following 'i need a Developer for' Thread, is really huge and includes many requests. So i think i don't need just 1 developer. Everyone who wants, can post wich Plugin he wants go create, so others can look wich is still requested.

    Let's start:
    the item recounter (open)

    our idea how to use that:
    marking a region with worldedit (pos1/2 or the wand tool).
    type into the chat:
    when the player hits the region, there are 3 options now:
    1. he don't own the item:
    >> The item is given to the player in the specified amount
    2. he owns the item, but in a less count than the amount:
    >> the inventory item gets count up to the specified amount
    3. he owns the item, but more than specified:
    >> the item amount will be decreased to the specified amount
    we need this to give the player a specific amount of an item, and keep safe that he don't gets more, farms more or crafts more than we want!
    If the specified amount is 0, the player will lose all items of this kind.
    ideas for codes:

    Item and money Doors (open)

    Like the name said..
    We need a way to make doors only passable by holding enough money or enough points (see hitman system for that), or a specific item in the inventory.
    The door should open by itself, and close when you get more than 1 field away.
    Same with a specific amount of money or points.
    We thought about a sign way like:
    Putting such a sign above a door
    item: name
    money: amount
    we need this to keep players out of a region or away from warps, if they are not holding a item they gain in a dungeon (or if they haven't enough money).
    if an item is needed, the player is not losing it by passing the door. Same for Points!
    But money will be taken!

    A Hitman System (open)

    The player gets money by killing other players and mobs/npcs. With a config file to setup the amount of gained money for each mob/npcs and how much money a pvp kill gives. And how many points each kill gives. And how mich money and points you are losing when you die.

    Money = iConomy money
    Points = a new variable that is needed(!)

    idea for perm:
    hitman.getpoints (true/false)
    hitman.getmones (true/false)

    For the Points, i need a scoring board.
    Like writing on a sign:
    and it's replaces as:
    example if Player 1 is 'Steve' and has 335 points:
    idea for perm:
    scoreboard.showscore (true/false)
    scoreboard.showname (true/false)
    scoreboard.destroysign (true/false)
    scoreboard.createsign (true/false)

    and a simple command like:
    /pointsystem reset <playername>

    to set the points of the player to 0.

    the Dispspawners (open)

    Allow a supply signed dispenser to spawn mobs by giving them eggs (with supply sign), although the mobs are all denied by nospawn.

    i add a Dispenser, attach a supplySign with Creepereggs into it.
    activate the Dispenser, and creepers spawn on the hitposition the eggs are dropping.

    idea for perm:
    i have no idea if this is needing permission...

    mark teams (open)

    i need a simple pvp team system.

    code examples:

    Gaining means that every player of that team gains points and money (or 0), and they can gain positive and negative values!

    Important: Players of the same team should not be able to kill themselves, unless teamkill is true!

    I need this to simple use serversigns to attach the codes to pressure plates and let players walk through gates to join teams.

    If a player is already inside a team, it should be changed, and the money and point amount should be taken from him.
    If a team with <teamname> doesn't exist, it should be created.

    default - admins can use the commands, or via serversign:
    /svs add */teaming...
    (the * gives permission to use the command)

    I fon't know if that works, but..
    .. any chance to mark teams with a color or something?
    just to show wich player is in the own team, or not.

    [SOLVED]Item destructor (open)

    We need to destroy ALL Items, the player drops when he dies. Means, nobody can recollect them!

    But we ned exceptions.
    For example via a config file:
    no permissions needed.
    This is important for a Capture the Flag or Bloodball game :)

    Audio Commander (open)

    We need a way to play Soundeffects and Music via Command by using serversign plates.

    first - setting up the config file:
    and as second play it with
    the e: means endless play if true, or just play once if false

    and to stop use
    default - admins can use the commands, or via serversign:
    /svs add */audioplay...
    (the * gives permission to use the command)

    If you need something for doing that, ask me via PM.
    I need them as fast as possible.

    i would be happy if they are done for free :) - But hey, it's a job ;)
    So i think a small donation for your freetime work on my plugins are okay.

    thanks in advance for reading and (so i hope) helping me out here.
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    ihm, thanks :)
    but, how to use it? there's no download or such a thing..
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    This project is awaiting approval.
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    ah - okay :)
    hope it gets approved soon :)

    >bump to first page<

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