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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by percy795, Aug 19, 2011.

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    I'm surprised no one has made a plug-in for this yet, but I really need it. I'm making an assassin server and nameplates just ruin the entire thing, so could someone make a mod that would allow you to enable and disable nameplates. If there is a mod like this or if there is a mod that can do something like this please post a link. Thanks!
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    you could just sneak?
    if there's a wall between you and the other player and you 'sneak', he won't see you're nameplate.
    isn't that good enough??
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    It wont be like a real assassin game then if there were name plates.
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    yes iknow, it's only a suggestion.
    i do indeed want something like this myself, but the sneakin works ok so...
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    I already found that but I don't want to have to keep typing /sneak when I join
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    no need to type anything, just hold shift....
    but then you won't be able to walk at full speed ofc....
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Nothing fancy, simply hides all nametags in the worlds you enable it (check the config.yml).
    Requires Spout/Spoutcraft.
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    Bump, cuz i want this feature too. Hiding nemaplate at fullspeed without any command, just disapearing behind wall.
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    This would be a nice plugin! :)
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    wannezz, Paczqa, any luck with the MRMNames plugin posted above you? (no idea if it still works)

    Another option that doesn't require Spout is http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/autosneak/. It makes you appear sneaking all the time so nameplates are not visible through walls. However nameplates are still visible, but dimmed, when seen directly.

    A third option is the ComeCloser mod, which actually hides the nameplate entirely, until you are a configurable distance from the player. This I think is the best option if you are comfortable with requiring all players to install mods. I use it on my server and it works great; there is a version available for CraftBukkit 1.2.5 :).
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    Maybe you could look into how DisguiseCraft works. The hovering name is hidden/changed with it.
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    Nope. Uhh. :C

    I have no Spout, AutoSneak have commands, ComeCloser require client mod, DisguiseCraft have too much options that i no need.

    There's no simply plugin, who makes nameplate dissapear behind wall ? :C
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    Yeah you're right, there isn't a plugin exactly meeting all of the requested specifications. Closest you can get with existing plugins I know of is to use AutoSneak and give everyone the permission node so they all sneak by default, but then if the player dies they still lose their sneaking and have to use a commend to restore it.

    I'm also interested in this feature of nameplate hiding myself, but just started using ComeCloser and requiring client mods, although having hidden nameplates in a server-only plugin without client mods would be nice. Anyone want to try this request? I think there is still room for this kind of plugin. Some unexplored avenues:

    • Manipulate packets so that all clients see every other player as sneaking, even though the server still knows they are not. Similar technique to VanishNoPacket. This would be simple and avoid any problems with sneaking interfering with other plugins.
    • Manipulate packets so all clients see every other player as another entity, such as a villager or non-player "human" (if possible), which doesn't have nameplates. Same technique as DisguiseCraft or MobDisguise, could even rely on those plugins as a dependency, but disguise all players all the time, and maybe even undisguise them once they get close enough so you can see their nameplates.


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