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    Plugin category: CHAT/INFO

    Suggested name: MCMyFriends

    About me: I am relatively noob-ish at Java and would like to learn. Either by learning from what is provided for me, or a in-depth tutorial.
    What I want: A plugin that can list a person's friends.
    Configurable and be able to list multiple things.
    [Seen] %name's last time logged in was at *time in D/H/M*
    [world] Was last in %world
    color support (Using EssentialsChat)
    I don't know, what other ideas would be cool?

    Ideas for commands:
    /Myfriend add NAMEHERE (Adds player to player's friend list)
    /myfirend remove NAMEHERE (Removes player to player's friend list)
    /Myfriend list (Lists friends)
    /MyFriend FRIENDNAME (Lists configurable outputs for friend [last world/Time/etc...[)
    "Billy used /myfriend add IamDroid"
    Billy Logs in later and IamDroid is not online
    "Billy uses /myfriend Iamdroid"
    [MyFriends]Player IamDroid was last seen in world 'Vanilla' 5Hours,34Minutes ago

    Ideas for permissions:
    default = true for all
    Or configurably, these perms.


    Willing to pay up to: $0 because i'm cheap [diamond] If it surpasses my expectations then i would gladly make a contribution :)

    When I'd like it by: Well i would really love to have it soon, being the holidays still i'm not expecting anything for a bit. Also, I am looking for a personal plugin developer for my server.

    Contact Me:
    droidcraft.owner (Message me :D )
    Server: play.compulsivecraft.com (Join and ask for me, i'm usually on)
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    well..not exactly what i meant, i saw that, but I was going for more of just a input/output plugin, not a server-server chat

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