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Would this be possible?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    i would love a plugin that plays a sound clip when you log in, but only to the one logging in. A nice addon to that would be something like the spoutcast. But i really dont want spout because it always seems to crash my server for unknown reasons
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    Without Spout it's completely impossible.
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    not if its from a midi file on a noteblock where the player spawns, and when they touch a pressure plate a song plays throught a midi file? thats possible
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    SO basically...you want the block below the player to change to a noteblock to play the sound and turn back into the block it was before?
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    Or maybe you can just send Packet 54, the packet that plays Note Block notes, directly to the player. You'll have to build with CraftBukkit, though.
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    CommandBook has a feature that plays a MIDI file on player login. The player hears the file, and any players close by can hear the music faintly. If you want to play a "real" song, then yes, you need Spout
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    the only problem i have is that when i installed midi bank it didnt work and i didnt know how to install a new song. Spout takes up to much ram soooo it crashes the server every 10 minutes
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    Are you aware that without Spout, you can only play MIDI files in minecraft? A MIDI file is basically the sounds that you make with noteblocks. So if you made a song with noteblocks in Minecraft, that could be played with something like MIDIBank.
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    I am now thanks, and i tried to install spout and it clashed with permissions and completely f-ed up my server. Now i just need spout to be compatible with permissions.
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    I run Spout with permissions so it is compatible with permissions...
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    i run about 10 other plugins as well so im not sure if that is why it messed up my server but it made it so that permissions wouldnt recognize me (or anyone else) as a user therefor none of my group configs took effect

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