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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by shrogg, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Allright, i have had an idea for a plugin floating around in my head for awhile now. and i think im ready to ask if someone can program it for me.

    The basic idea is:
    - Player can select certian blocks, When these blocks are powered by redstone, it broadcasts this signal to all servers that are set to recive from this server [VIA a list of IP's in a config folder]
    - These blocks can either be set to send, or recive, and each is given a specefic ID.

    This plugin will be used by the RDF for our MCTP unit [Internet in minecraft], we will set it up with other servers so we can share files/images/other stuff, via redstone!

    Thanks for reading ~ Shrogg
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    This would be so cool to have! I hope someone comes along and takes the daunting task of creating this plugin.
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    I think we`ll look into this,
    sounds promising...
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    This will be resource intensive though.
    The chunks where the blocks are in need to stay loaded in order for this to work. So lots of these blocks would need allot of serverresources.
    And redstone that isn't in a loaded chunk isn't being calculated so members schould be close in order for this to work. And all other redstone in the circuit schould be loaded too.
    Lots of resources but it schould be possible
  5. May I ask where "we" are?
    If you need somebody to help who has experience in Redstone (see my plugin WStone for example) and server communication (see BukkitHTTPD for example) feel free to ask me. I would even make this alone if you hadn't take it up already. :)

    Only true for the transmitters.
    Only half true, plugins can prevent chunks from unloading, so no players are needed.
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    "we" means a friend from college and me. I am programming minecraft plugins now for about a half a year and he`s generally programming java. Because I currently don`t have a server to make plugins for and I finally convinced my friend to start working with the bukkit api :p, we are now looking for a challenging project to do for the bukkit community.

    Nobody said that it`ll be easy, but as you said, it IS possible and, if it is nicely done, it reveals a HUGE variety of possibilities.

    thx for the offer V10lator, I`ll feel free to ask you when we face any problems :)

    greetings maxp0wer
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    I know about the fact plugins can keep chunks loaded but if you want some decent thing to be done with this then redstone should active something and if you want to capture the resources (thinking of some mobfarm or something) then you need a player their to get these resources within 5 minutes.
    But well all to getter great idea
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    Managed to make an early version, which is allready capable of sending redstone-signals to receiver-signs on other servers. We're still on it and will release a beta-version in the next few days.
    greets maxp0wer
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    @maxp0wer789 I have absolutely no use for such a plugin but I still think it is awesome :).
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    @polaris120990 glad you like it, our thought is to create a plugin which could be the basis of a whole minecraft-server-package containing lots of servers.
    This could give the players the posibilite to trade, talk and share redstone-connections with other servers in the server-package.
    Maybe create a webportal where servers can find server-packages.
    just thinking :)
    greetings maxp0wer
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    Why would you need this?
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    it works for 1.8 if it becomes inactive i might take it up
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    Oh wow! i just came back here to check on this, and wow! thanks!
    This is awesome!

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