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    [REQ/Ideas] More RPG features (Weather Buff/Debuff;Safe zone & WANTED...)

    Plugin category: Role Playing/Fun

    Suggested name: More RPG features

    What I want:
    Feature 1【Death Penalty】
    You'll drops part of your $ & xp when you dead (e.g. 10%) ,and may also lose items classified as [materail] (like bone) at the amount around 1~15.
    Feature 2【Recovering system】
    There are 3 ways player recover their health using items: food, potion & medicine. Players can only eat food when they're not fighting(hp+20,e.g) ,use potion and recorver not-that-much health(hp+5) when fighting a mob or boss, and use medicines when they are almost dead( hp+15 when hp<5).
    Feature 3 【PVP zone & WANTED】
    There're 3 types of PVP zones:
    1.Players can not PVP in safe zone in anyway, like cities.
    2.Players can kill others but will get wanted (when reach certain amount of kills) in neutral zone,like towns & villages.
    3.Players can do whatever they want in wild and nothing will happen.
    Normal players won't lose $ & exp when killed by others, but will still drops some items.
    Players get WANTED can't interact with NPCs (lose those permissions).
    Quests about those WANTED bad guys will automaticlly created for normal players to take.
    Feature 4 【Advanced NPC interactions】
    Players can get hint from NPCs when talking to them, give them profession-specific items to get special rewards, like items, quests & discounts.
    When talking with NPC, they'll give back random answers when no quest related, and are able to show multiple choices( branch talks).
    Feature 5【Weather & Biome Buff/Debuff】
    When skys are blue and the sun is hunging above your head, players will have a Buff that increase hp, damage, hp recorver, etc.And in bad days like when it's raining, they'll get s DEBUFF instead.This also effects in different biomes which I haven't write yet -.- .
    Feature 6 【Max Health】
    1.Player will increase their max hp when they level up(0.2 hp per lv, e.g).
    2.Some equipments/potions/buff can also increase max HP permanantly or temporarily.
    3.If players challenged mobs much powerful than themselves, they may ingured deeply and their maxHP will decreased, until they've rest for a while or use special items.

    Ideas for commands:
    No commands needed for this plugin, I think. An RPG doesn't need that much commands, right?

    Ideas for permissions:
    With this permission you won't lose anything if you die.
    Set it to true if players get wanted, so they'll get the negtive effects.
    Hope you guys can add sth. to it ;)

    When I'd like it by:
    As soon as possible :)

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