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    Hello Bukkit-Forums
    Since I use iConomy on my Server, I have diffrent regions for people with more or less money. And I have a Rank in PEX that user receive when they reach an special amount of money. The problem is that I have to set theire rank manual, and thats why I need a plugin that does it for me. If someone has more than X-Money he should automatically get a rank which can be set. And of course, if he loses his money, the rank should be set back. I hope that this is possible for you and that someone can make this.

    King Regards
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    What if they spent that money? Would they be ranked down?

    I could possibly do this. Maybe in the next week.
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    Oh ok my bad.
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    Oh and only certain people should be affected by this, admins etc. shouldn't rank up (Or down in this case).
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    Ok, almost forgot about that.

    I tried making this but I can't seem to get it to work. Someone else can make this if they want to and I would like to see the source so that I can see how it was done. Also I would recommend using Vault for the plugin devs, it makes it easy to implement economy and permissions.

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