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    Better Beds - A plugin request

    Better Beds is a request for a lightweight plugin that allows the use of beds even during daytime.
    If all players sleep at the same time, during the day, the sun's position should simply be reset to dawn, as if the beds were used during the night.

    This is useful for both people who wish to skip the night right when evening falls (when the light level goes down for the first time), and of course, for people in Roleplay Servers.

    • Allow people to sleep during the day.
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    Would it be an idea to make it so that only one player has to go to bed? Because (on my server that is) most people don't take their beds with them into there mines and when they are in a mine they don't really care if it is day or night.

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    I think that on many servers, that would become very annoying. Quite some people like hunting for monsters, either because they simply like fighting or are in need of resources. If someone else then decides to go and sleep, it would be quite annoying.
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    Yes, I would like to see this plugin made which has the option to disable beds from changing the time entirely, and to sleep during the daytime.
    This would be very useful for roleplaying servers and also gets rid of the annoyance that people can change time.
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    Yeah, I would like this to happen!

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