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    it's not really a req, probably better to name it "idea".

    i just think about it and it will be really awesome that someone make a"MiniPets" plugin who can be someone able to have a pet (a mini animal, like a little chicken, or a mini cow :p). the pet will follow you and be invincible. economy and permissions support would be great!

    if someone could create it, it would be so awesome :D.

    so, goodluck every devs :p
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    It is impossible using the current Bukkit API to have the pet follow you, meanwhile, we can make it invincible.
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    ive seen invincible mobs on a server.
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    Actually, I'm fairly sure this is possible. I can make a plugin that lets you set baby animals as your pet if you'd like. Maybe I can find a way to give it a name as well, it shouldn't be too hard. Please note that it will only work for non-hostile mobs. PM me if you're interested, but even if you aren't it sounds like a fun plugin to make, haha

    Er, I don't know which API you are referring to, but check the javadocs and take a look at the livingentity.setTarget method.

    Actually, setTarget is broken but there's another way to do it which involves hooking into the native minecraft server navigation object.

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    Since you can make mobs follow you using wheat, I'm pretty sure you can.
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    So my only question is how do you want to make these baby animals. RightClick with item, Spawn via Command, Buy them? If you would like economy support what Economy do you use or would you rather have vault.
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    All that I'm gonna add support to now is right-clicking on baby animals to select them, and then typing /tame to take it as your pet.

    Just created the dev.bukkit page: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mcpets/

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    I love it! :D its great! Are you able to make another plugin kinda like this? where you can ride the pet per say a pig, and not need a fishing pole to control it? that would be epic :D
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    Well, maybe I could. This is the project at hand at the moment.
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    I've made a lot of progress with this, I'm hoping to release the first version of it either tomorrow or day after that.
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    First beta build is out. It has all the features you could want and a few easter eggs too :D

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