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    Hi guys, heres the low down of my idea.

    Plugin Category: [FUN], [ADMIN], [ECONOMY], [RPG]

    Type of Developer: Ideally private developer, but community release too!

    Willing to pay: I will make your time worth it. To be discussed.

    My Idea: A plugin which protects the deep layers of the ground, and only players with a "Permit" can dig/mine it. This "Permit" can either be based on a Permission node, or buy it using a command. The permit can then have a set time to last before it expires.

    How it works: The land on an entire world, below a configurable Y axis is protected (similar to how WorldGuard protects land). So players will need a permission to mine beyond a certain point. Once players reach the 'limit', it will say "You need a permit before mining deeper. Type /PermitInfo". This plugin stimulates the economy, adds to the Role Play, and can also be used to restrict X-Ray Modders.

    Could implement this in a number of ways:

    1. Permissions: (PEX, bPermissions, GroupManager) 4 nodes to allow access to each "layer". This could be used in circumstances of miner ranks, such as mining novice, mining master, etc.​
    permits.level1 - Configurable Y axis​
    permits.level2 - Configurable Y axis​
    permits.level3 - Access to all blocks​
    permits.admin - Admin commands​

    2. Commands: Economy/iConomy support with configurable costs and times. Have following commands:​
    /buypermit [level1] [level2] [level3]​
    /permit info - Displays the costs of each level, duration and their depth​
    /permit check - check your remaining time​
    /permit check [player] - requires permits.admin​
    /permit grant [player] [level] - requires permits.admin​

    Example YAML config:
    #Protected Regions
    #All protections begin from bedrock (Y=0)
    #Level 1 (example PROTECT_UNTIL: Y=40)
    #Level 2 (example PROTECT_UNTIL: Y=40)
    #Level 3 (example PROTECT_UNTIL: Y=40)
    #How long the permit lasts in seconds.
    #Choice of Eco Plugin (iConomy, Essentials)
    ECO_PLUGIN: "iConomy"
    #Amount of money player must pay to buy permit
    COST: 100
    #Amount of money player must pay to buy permit
    COST: 250
    #Amount of money player must pay to buy permit
    COST: 500
    #Chat Prefix for Example: "[Permit]"
    PREFIX: "[Permit]"
    If you are willing to build this plugin privately for me, I will pay you. Just let me know your interest/ideas and we can discuss the plugin privately!

    If you prefer to make the public and my idea inspires you, please let me know that I have helped, with an ETA etc. :)

    Kind regards
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    I would love to have something along these lines. Possibly with ability to override this with a world guard section?
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    Bump, If somebody can build me this plugin privately, i'd be willing to arrange a price to pay you via paypal.

    Just updated the plugin with a MUCH more detailed description. To be honest im surprised this doesn't exist already. Does this sound like a similar plugin?

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    Love the idea, but perhaps you could have permits to build up as well, I will *attempt* to create this, I am not strong in Java.
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    @bloof_bb @ivmoriginal I have already created a plugin that limits how deep one can dig. It would only take a little modifcation to turn it into this idea. If bloof_bb cannot complete it I would be happy to modify the plugin I already to have to match this. Otherwise good luck bloof ^^.
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    No need to do that, finally got the core part of the block protection on the Y axis done, should be able to finish it at this point.
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    I've brang this thread to life again for replies. If your interested comment below!

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