[REQ] Minecraft 1.0 'The END' manager.

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  1. @Delois:
    It clearly shows that the file is there!
    First: The code on line 70 (which failed) is covered in this:
    File f = new File("plugins/V10lator/EndReset.sav");
      //Line 70...
    So it can't access line 70 if the file doesn't exist. Next, the stacktrace you gave shows an EOF error, which means the file ended before it should. How can a non existent file end?

    So please make sure the file doesn't exist.
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    My bad, was looking for a 'end reset' folder not 'V10lator'. Lota extra folders in my test server I need to clean out >_> Will test now.

    OK, got it to work, but there are some issues. Getting to the end and such worked fine.
    I killed the dragon and the portal did spawn. When I went into the portal, I was unable to press escape to skip the credits (looks like I didnt get tp'ed when I used esc credits re rolled). I was forced to re open my client. When I do that, I re spawned in a empty end. (That makes me wonder, what happens if someone logs out in the end?)

    Sorry kinda tired atm, if this makes no sense reply and I will make sense of it tomorrow.
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    I think that this isn't a problem of this plugin, cause it happened on my server as well after upgrading essentials and multiverse to the newest dev builds (cb1510). The server created two files: the world_skylands and the world_the_end folder. Why now these two "ends"?
    EDIT: sorry read post again, sounded to me as this plugin was run before ;)
    EDIT ||: The server tells me: "unable to find spawn biome" when i try to remove the world_skylands folder and regens it. How that?
  4. Bukkit needs some time to implement the dragons into the API (more information).
    In the meantime I will optimize the codes and once a craftbukkit version which handles the dragons correctly is out you'll see a new version of EndReset, too. :)
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    Bukkit always puts the EndReset.sav in my pluginsfolder, an doesnt create an /V10lator Folder.
    (Bukkit last RB)
  6. The location of the file has been changed. No need to worry about. :)
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    To simply turn off or disable The End (eg for creative servers), the setting is in the bukkit.yml

    allow-end: true

    change to false, for great success

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