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    Plugin category: Misc.

    Suggested name: Button Reset

    A bit about me: I'm a guy who plays on a lot of servers. I found this one prison server that had wool mines. I based my server off of it.

    What I want: A plugin that uses button to reset mines. It can use world edit to select the regions of the mines. I want this so that I can let the guards to reset the mines, without having access to world edit. If you could, please make it so it can reset anything(Normal Mines and Wool Mines).

    Ideas for commands: (Select With World Edit) /setmine [Name]

    Ideas for permissions: buttonreset.admin(All Commands)

    When I'd like it by: Soon, we want to start advertising our server soon, but take your time.

    Notes: I know there is a plugin like this but I can't find it. If you know it that would be great too!

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    Anyone?!?!?!??!?! PLEASE!
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    Why not continue the WE implementation you suggeted?

    1. Select mine area
    2. Save to schematic (//save [name])
    3. When it's time to reset, load the schematic to your clipboard (//load [name])
    4. //paste where you used //save
    5. Done!
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    I would but I don't want to gives the guards acess to reset the mines.

    Bump, Still Need Help!!!!

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    geeeee i really need this
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    Locked. If someone wants to take this on, they will. No need to excessively bump the post.
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