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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by tyrantelf, May 10, 2011.

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    I really enjoy making TNT cannons. and I've used Dispensers+ on my single player, but I host a a small server for my friends and I and would like to be able to make an auto reloading TNT cannon.

    Basically, I would like dispensers to be able to place TNT in front of them when powered, and have have the TNT be activated when the dispenser is powered a second time.

    IF someone could make a plugin that does this (fairly soon if possible), I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Also, if someone could maybe also implement, for a later version of the plugin, choosing the direction TNT is placed using commands or where the TNT is placed in the dispenser in the dispenser.

    Thanks for looking,
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    Please. someone! this is my second time requesting this plugin, and I haven't gotten one response! It should be fairly easy!
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    This plugin is amazing and does what you ask and more.

    Although you do not actually place the tnt. You just click on the dispenser with TnT and gunpowder in your inventory then click the button twice. Once to arm and once to fire.

    They also work as part of MoveCraft vehicles according to several users.
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    I like cannon, but unfortunately I banned tnt :)

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