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    Ok so if there's a plugin or set of plugins that does this please point me in the right direction otherwise.
    The idea is the player builds a house with certain dimensions/blocks ect.. (more on this later)
    and places a sign somewhere on it (presumably around the front door) on the sign the player
    puts something like [NPC] [name] [type] and if the structer is right for the given NPC type spawn
    a persistent NPC that "lives" in that house ideally the NPC would come with a chest/furnace that would periodically be filled with something based on NPC type.

    what i want is for players to build houses in there city then assign NPC's to them and then having those NPC's provide resources without using any commands or needing admins.

    I'm thinking that it might be easiest to make this as an add on to one of the existing NPC mods,
    there are timed item drop mods too so if one could make a mod that just uses 2 existing mods perhaps.

    some ideas on NPC types, all of them would need a house
    these are just off the top of my head feel free to suggest something or ask for more details.

    needs a large fenced in grass area (perhaps water too if you want wheat or sugar cane)
    provides food items and/or leather

    needs a shaft that goes down x number of blocks
    provides ores

    needs a wooded area
    provides wood

    needs x number of chests
    allows you to buy/sell items iConomy?

    another idea was to make it so you need to provide them tools/other items and the better the items you give them the better the items they generate are also perhaps they would need a new tool every x cycles.

    questions, comments and ideas are welcome.

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