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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: MCBoardGames/Shogicraft etc.

    What I want: A few Day ago, i found a VERY interesting Plugin in the debths of Bukkit, it is called ChessCraft, actually i love this plugin, it has a very good idea and it works perfectly ^^ So why i'm here now, saying you that i like this plugin ? Because it came to my mind, to make a Plugin, with different BoardGames to play in MC, for the People who watched Potter 2, you sure know how cool that was xD
    Yeah, ok actually i'm requesting a Plugin, that let's you play different Board Games, like my favorite ones, shogi(japanese chess),go(also very nice) and such ^^ it would be good to add a few other games, but the ones named above are the most interesting for me ^^
    Ideas for commands: hmhm yeah, don't now xD /(board)games for a list of games,/boardgames (gamename) start etc. ... ^^

    Ideas for permissions: hmhm one big permission for user and one for admins ...

    When I'd like it by: ... this is nothing i would say, i would even love you for just TRYING it xD

    Similar plugin requests: None...

    Devs who might be interested in this: don't know

    Hope someone can do something like this :D
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    *bump* come on guys !! anyone ?
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    That plugin looks really, really, awesome.
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    Megalanias This may be possible. It requires a good amount of work, which I will need to see if I have the time for.
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    Would... yeah don't really know, i think i would build you a 1000x1000 i love ya work pic xDDD it would be awesome if you could do that !

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