[REQ] Lose an amount or a percent of money at the death [FORMATTED]

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  1. Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: MoneyDeath

    A bit about me: First sorry for my english :x I'm an admin on a little server and i look for this type of plugin since... for a long time :D Before, I used iConomyDeath, but now it isn't compatible anymore. I found many plugins, but they havn't percentage or they are with more features that I don't want. I think that this plugin can be very use by RP servers.

    What I want: I want a simple plugin : When a player die, he loses some money.
    Amount is configurable in a config.yml file, and it's possible to choose if the player loses a fix amount or a percent of his money. Eventually (it's better), add a configurable message with the amount lost by the player (the player view this message after his death). If it's more easier for you, you can use Vault API :)

    Example for the config file
    Percent: true/false
    ActivateMessage: true/false
    If you have the time, you can create several config files for all worlds (For example nameofworld1.yml, world2.yml, etc...)

    Commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Permissions: Possibly moneydeath.use to lose money at the death (I want that OPs lose money when they die also :D)

    When I'd like it by: Now if you can. Otherwise when you want. :)

    Similar plugin requests: I didn't find.

    Thank you for reading :)
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  3. Thanks, but i have this plugin and it just recover items, player doesn't lose money (or only if they pay for recover their items)
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    I could take a stab at this.

    Vault or do you just use iConomy.
    Edit: Nvm started coding... didn't finish reading post.

    Alright almost finished and yet it seems to damn simple... I'm going to add per world amounts.

    What if they don't have enough money? Just Don't withdraw... or punish like remove all the drops?

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  5. I don't understand "all the drops" :s
    Otherwise, just add an option with true/false in config :)

    Thank you in advance :)

    PS: I use iConomy but i've Vault
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    Sorry was away for a bit.
    Drops as in whats left as in items when the player dies.
    either way I added it to the config.
    Testing finished Complete.
    I Used Vault.
    Its configurable with directions.

    deadmoney.override (or deadmoney.*)
    op is not default so you must give permission
    and the death "penalty" is always active unless the permission node is given.

  7. I can't testing now, but thank you very much :)
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    Il devrait fonctionner parfaitement. Permettez-moi savoir si vous voulez autre chose ajoutée.
  9. Fonctionnel, merci beaucoup :)
    But I have two requests:
    - Can you reverse the permission (because I'm OP and I don't lose money :() So when a group have the permission, he lose money.
    - Can you display the message when respawn, if it doesn't bother you (there are messages that appear in the meantime, it is currently less readable). After the sentence "Your home bed was missing or obstructed" if it's possible :)

    Edit: What is the utility of "brokeDrops: false" ?
    Edit²: I didn't test the Broadcast message, so i don't know if it's works.
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    I can adjust the permissions to have it actively off unless the node is give.
    As for the display message, no problem, both of these won't take long.

    Edit1 brokeDrops as in if the player has no money or the amount specified then the items he drops will disappear.
    Edit2 Broadcast will show everyone that the player lost money when he dies.
  11. If you can, it's so good :D
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    I have just the plugin you can use!

    This plugin does what you want and even more, you should check it out!

    DeathControl (open)
  13. If i understand, i don't want this plugin... I want that all players pay when they die (with or without saving items) :)
  14. Doesn't work with the 1.5.1 :(
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    Which plugin are you talking about?

    And not very common that the OP bumps his own thread almost a year later, heh.
  16. I speak about "DeadMoney", the plugin created by DeathMarine on my request :)
    I see after have send my message that the last message is dated already 1 year :O The plugin survived since and to the 1.4.7

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