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    Sorry for my bad English, Im from Taiwan.

    I'm wondering is there a plugin like xauth but login state is active from web?

    you cant join server without web-login,
    server will kick you and show message :you have to use web-login to join server. (like whitelist kick)
    after web-login , you have 10 or 5 min time to join server or you have to re-login.

    If that is still mess-up with though.
    I made a picture to explane what I was talking about. (still messy :( )
    hope you guys understand what I was talking about :)
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    This wouldn't be a problem. Do you already have a web-login?
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    I currently using DeatilsWhitelist for manually Approve whitelist.
    I wish I can include web-login iframe in my forum so player must login forum so they can join server.
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    If your web-system use some kind of logged users session system in mysql, you can use this Whitelist plugin.

    You can customize SQL query and you can also customize "no whitelist" message, so chaging this

    sql-query=SELECT name FROM tbl_names WHERE name\='<%USERNAME%>'

    Can be modified for your needs, depending on how you do the php web part, could look like this:

    sql-query=SELECT sesstionid FROM active_sessions WHERE username\='<%USERNAME%>' AND active\='true'
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    Thanks !! I will try it out! :)

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