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    Im running a small server for my freinds (hamachi) and they keep logging into each others accounts (and mine, i.e they logon as Admin) this drives me insane, they generally do it when they, keep bugging me for items/commands.All i would like a plugin that simply allows me to lock my username to my IP or there users to there own IP, I hope someone see's this ASAP :)

    Thanks :D

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    Knight Hawk3

    This is built into minecraft! Yay for forward thinking! Go into server.properties and set online mode to true!
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    I know what you mean, and I want it too! Some guy on my private server had a shared account, and some other user went on it and griefed the whole server. Luckily, I had a backup available, but I had to ban him until he got a private account since so many griefers used his account.

    There is something like this where they have to "log in" on your server with a password the user sets so that other users can't do anything. And good for you for using offline mode :D I love it.
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    Knight Hawk3

    Why do you for hamachi, you still have a internet connection?

    Oh, you want us to so you can play the game illegally? Oh sorry thats against the TOS. There is one way around....

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