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    I've been running an RPG server for some time now, and I've had an idea that could make it, and many other servers, much more fun and customizable. Legendary Weapons, that can store special passive abilities that are granted when holding the weapon. At first, I was doubtful it would be possible, but upon seeing BookWorm, I had hope. BookWorm stores data to books in the form of text, so why shouldn't Swords, Axes, or Pickaxes be able to store data to books in the form of skills? A few features would be nice:
    - Only diamond weapons can be Legendary
    - Once a weapon is Legendary, all skills remain on it until it is lost, even for other players
    - An item cost or iConomy cost to make the weapon Legendary
    - Hooked into Heroes to allow only certain levels to have these weapons

    If this isn't possible, please tell me. Thanks for your time, and I hope this becomes a great plugin :)

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