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    Yes, I know there's a bunch of plugins that allows a player to buy/sell/rent land, but none of them is what I'm looking for...

    Here's my idea... Basically I want to give my players the ability to decide which plot to buy and how big it will be. And the most important - I want them to do it by themselves, and not me running around putting "Land for sale" signs or creating regions like crazy. The price will be formed on a "per block" basis.

    For instance, I want to buy a cuboid with the following dimensions (in blocks): width 15, lenght 20, 10 blocks down. So I use a predefined "wand" tool to mark the plot. Then I use a command to expand it down by 10 blocks e.g. /exp 10. So now I have the desired cuboid with a total count of 15 * 20 * 10 = 3000 blocks. Now that I have selected the cuboid size, I do /buyland. Lets say that the block price is set to $0.1. The plugin checks with iConomy (in my case) if I have enough money for the purchase. If so, it takes $300 from my account and I become a proud land owner. Now I can decide what type of protection to use in order to keep my piece of chunk safe. I can block access, add people etc. So now the cuboid AND the air above all the way to the sky (or to where the limits are set) are protected.

    Yeah, I know, my English sucks, but I think you'll get the idea :D If not, let me know and I'll try to clarify.
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    Great idea for a plugin!
    Just a few ideas if you wouldnt mind my 2 cents =P
    1) plugin automatically prices ALL blocks that have been generated, and also all future blocks that are generated.
    2) as opposed to selecting land to be bought, you select land to be free using a wand. this makes it so you can set free public land that people can grab free stuff from. but being that this land is free, and depending on how much you allow to be free, its also rare! so expect having to fight over the resources.
    however, you could possibly ignore point 2 if you give all new players a preset bonus like, $100 so they can buy 100 blocks to start and wouldnt need free land and grow their property from there.'
    3) Appropriate plugin name: Monopoly Craft!
    EDIT: If this plugin gets made, i might just make a second minecraft server for my community. love it!
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    Glad you like the idea, Boo :)

    My players starts with a certain amount of cash, so personally I won't need this, but it could be an option :) As for the pricing... That's what I meant. Just the price per block must be set in the config file or via a command :)
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    Liked residence.. But i understand,
    (I hate it too) and this is a reeaallyy
    Good idea, i'm supporting this, here you go
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    Thanks for the support :)

    Any devs out there who would want to make my little dream come true? :)
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    Last bump, guys... Anyone? :oops:
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    I love this idea, I need an economy and land buying plugin.
    Gee, I wish I knew Java, but... Sigh...
    Bumpity bump!

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