[REQ] Increase 128 Vertical Build Limit (Skybox) Via Multi-World

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    A 128 vertical build limit is probably my #1 Minecraft-related turn-off. I'm fully aware that it would be very difficult to remove this limit entirely, and require both a custom server and client. I'm also aware that goes beyond the scope of Bukkit plugins, but I recently came up with an idea...


    1. Plugin monitors player height in world 1.
    2. Player reaches a height of 128.
    3. A new world (world 2) containing only air is generated. If it already exists, proceed to step 4.
    4. Player gets transferred to the same x/z coordinates in world 2 that they were previously located in world 1. Player's new y coordinate in world 2 is 1.
    5. Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 are repeated in world 2 and in subsequent worlds.
    6. When players goes below y=1, they should be transferred to y=128 of the previous (lower) world.

    Given the success of multi-world plugins recently and the talent of the developers around here, I feel that this should be possible.

    Possible Problems and Resolutions:

    1. When the player is transferred to (the empty) world 2, there's going to be nothing to stand on. The player will fall and immediately get transferred to the previous (lower) world, unless they are using a fly mod. One solution to this would be to have the terrain generated at ∞, 1, ∞ (the floor) be white wool. This would somewhat resemble clouds. The player would then instead be transferred to a y coordinate of 2 instead of 1 as previously mentioned. As an added bonus, the floor could be splotchy/irregular to better resemble real clouds (a combination of white wool and air). This floor technique could also be used on the ceiling (configurable?); it may (or may not) have a positive visual effect, but it would be nice for visually alerting players when they're going to be transferred to the next world.

    I would help with this to the best of my ability. I have experience with C++/C#/XNA, but not Java. I would learn Java to assist with this, though.

    Thanks for reading!
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    All you need to do is generate a empty world (I believe there is a plugin that does this) and link the worlds using a plugin called inception.
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    Thanks a lot, dbizzzle, for the heads up on Inception. I wasn't aware of it, and it will definitely get the job done. I've found a plugin for generating an empty world (NullTerrain). I also may be able to use Phoenix Terrain Mod for the white wool (cloud) ceilings and floors, depending on the flexibility of the plugin's parameters, if I decide to go that route.

    It still would be nice to see my plugin idea come to fruition, though, for a couple of reasons:

    1. Automatic world generation, as opposed to the manual creating and linking that I will have to do if I decide to go the Inception route.
    2. One plugin instead of two+. I imagine the former would be the most lightweight solution.
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    I'd like one world, with more than 128, Notch says it's possible.

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