[REQ] Inbred sheep problem solver (Retard sheep) Too many sheep in one farm!

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    Lately in my server there has been .. well mostly while 1.0 ppl where breeding sheep like crazy, and usually they where inbred.

    Now that sheep spawn their wool back in under 2 sec. And you can't even do fast enoughhfghghf the shearing you really don't need to bred loats of sheep, BUT still if you want a big enough farm you need at least 50 to keep you going until you tire of farming wool.

    Usually this happens buy (either retard OPS spawn even more animals to the world, free) or Buying them from a shop.

    Well this got me thinking how to mess with my players even more?! =) and I quickly came to the conclusion that We need A retard sheep! A sheep that due to inbreading came to the world and fucked up your farm by eatting ALL the grass in the area in like 10 sec and moving really fast so You can kill it buy chance or after it has eaten all the grass and stops

    -The Plugin-

    -Type one

    Too many sheep in one area (maybe easyer to implement)

    -Type two
    Some kind of family tree

    number sheep (100-1-1) <- Mother
    (100-1-2) <- Father

    And after you have (100-1-1-2-1-3-2-2-1) and (100-1-1-2-1-3-2-2-2) or something code in your sheep when bread it will spawn retard sheep.. That will "Eat All grass in under 10 sec" (200 grass area) and move so fast that you can can kill it only by Lucky shot or only after it stops when there is no more grass to eat.

    Maybe the sheep has more HP than normal sheep "Super Sheep" Tough! No more XP!

    Or both to work in unisense and bring even more misery to the player
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    Was I Politically Incorrect? When I let the Retard word out there?
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    It's not that your being politically incorrect, most people won't care about that. But even the strangest, most random ideas that have spawned from devs minds or the dev irc make more sense than this. Not to shoot your idea down I just personally think it is pointless.
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    The point was to nerf (elegantly) wool production.. As currently We have 200 + lamp farms that lag the server

    This would make the player think about how big far he wants to make. And as I have repeatedly said, it is pointless to make a RULE as when ppl brake it.. some get ban and some players just don't get ban as they are friends to the op and op just kills part of the farm.. after that They grow the farm AGAIN and more work to the ops/admins

    More pointless work = more frustration.

    With this the conversation would go

    "player 1: WTF!!?? what happened to my wool factory?"
    "op: ..."
    "player 2: ha haaa you made your farm too big!"
    "op: doing some grief fixing"
    "player 1: OOOPPP"
    "player 2: He won't do anything, its the imbred sheep that ate all your grass, you have to make your farm smaller"
    "op: doing even more usefull stuff"
    "player 3: ha haa"
    "player 1: Why didn't anybody tell me"
    "op: RTFM!"
    "player 2: It lags the server when you do so big farms!!"

    This conversation could go very differently,

    And A direct plugin that doesn't give an experience of beeing the fool who made too big farm. In my oppinion makes

    "player 1: WTF!!!! Why can't I breed more lambs"
    "op: We have a plugin that makes it so you can't, so it won't lag the server"
    "player 1: Stupiid, get more memory etc etc..."
    "op: /kick cos chat spam"
    "player 1: WTF!!!!!! (insert more insults spam and mention of a MUTCH better server ip.)
    "op: /ban cos you chat spam, mention of other servers in public chat, etc."

    Another stupid ban. And I have banned ppl cos of this... No plugin but there was a slaughter party with ops tps went 3.2 with 40 players..

    SO yeah.. plugins should have purpose and fun/stupid action and result. I just like when the player actually sees the action not just a server side nerf where he/she can't have "speudo or real, influence"

    =) All in good fun.
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    I have absolutely no idea what you're saying.
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    Well you are not the only one..

    To recap in short..

    I want A fun (for players) way to limit the amount of sheep's in one farm.
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    Why do you want that though? I don't see a need?
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    I do kind of see the point he is attempting to get across, but i think it could be better solved with much slower breeding, eating and wool growing, and also maybe a sheep lifespan or something of that sort. That way it wouldnt halt their farming, but would make it much slower. I would consider using something like that because i agree, its all too fast. Minecraft has gotten way too easy...
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    SMP has gotten way too easy, yes!
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    Playing games There are Easy servers.. Easyers servers.. But I don't want an easy server. I want a Semi hard/Hard Server.. (hard to play) I don't want an Evil HardCore server.. Just not too easy.
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    But that's how the game is? If OPs are spawning sheep you should just demote them..
    If they earned the sheep I see no issue, if you think the sheep are too easy to get you should probably take it up with Mojang, then if they wanted they could just make some changes.
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    Mojang makes Single Player Game. And I'm the admin I make MY server. Not Mojangs server.. Nor I make your server. I like Bukkit/Mojang/Modders Cos they allow me to do A server that I want for me, and maybe some other ppl like what I have setup and comes to play.

    Its just an Optional extra that you can install.
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    I can imagine these retarded sheep just repeatedly walking to fences...
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    Another evil Bump
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