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    I had an idea after making a really complex system of tunnels for transportation with minecarts, because intersections and such can get very complex. This plugin would be powered by sign hooks, allowing players to place a sign at the dead end of a track that would mark it as a destination. Next, the player enters the minecart; this is essential because it is probably the easiest to detect which track you are on based on minecart hooks. Anyways, either through a "/route start destination" command, or some form of more signs, the plugin would attempt at finding a route from the given start to the destination. The plugin would track the movement of the cart and force it to follow certain directions. I think the best way to do this is to find all adjacent tracks up until an intersection, then scan the track breaking out from the intersection that would be facing the general direction of the target. It would scan each route until it either found a sign or found all dead ends. Now for the fun part. Once the plugin finds another sign (even if its not the one ur looking for), if a route doesnt exist, it will create one, for example:

    #Start:Destination = intersection_number:direction
    lavabase:candymountain = 1:N, 2:W, 3:E
    The important aspect here is that saving just the intersections is WAY EASIER than saving the whole route.

    Now if you are a plugin creator and could take on some "extra credit", why not add detection to automatically pick a different route if the one you are headed to has a moving minecart on it? Animals/monsters on tracks (c'mon, don't build tracks on grass or with no light D: )

    Ideas? Comments? Questions? Complaints?
    I am a programmer, but I don't know enough Java to make plugins (yet)

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