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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Survivorman, May 12, 2011.

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    I'm requesting a plugin that will allow me to set a probability a set amount of coin will be dropped while harvesting blocks or slaying monsters. The system can not be exploitable.
    Currently I use DropBonus and CookieMonster to let my players earn iConomy coin. The problem with this is it can easily be abused. CookieMonster does nothing to stop monster spawner camping, and you can 'break and place' blocks over and over to gain coin while using DropBonus to do this. I for the life of me can not get ecoCreature to work right, plus both DropBonus and ecoCreature do not (and will not for awhile I'm guessing) support iConomy 5.

    There is Jobs but it is still exploitable (as far as I can tell) if set up incorrectly, the workarounds would be extensive. It does not fit my server's style, in a sense, I do not want to fix players to doing only one task and then have them to switch jobs just to do something else.

    I've set DropBonus to give out small amounts of coin on a low percentage rate for collecting things like stone, ores (things like ores have higher payout and chances), crops, wood, etc. After awhile of playing you start to rack up a fair amount of currency. I basically want the players to be payed on their activity levels rather than forcing them to do one mundane task. It works quite well and balances everything out.

    I guess what I am looking for is a plugin that works like DropBonus does with iConomy, but it will have to track block placement so there will be no exploiting. (Hook into LogBlock or BigBrother?). Coin for slaying monsters would be an added bonus only if it has anti-cheat features like preventing spawner camping (maybe camping period. It could track entity deaths like NormalizedDrops, and once a set threshold is hit monsters in that area will no longer drop currency.) but like I said other plugins already do it to an extent.
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