[REQ] IceSkates (Makes you faster on the ice)

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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: IceSkates

    A bit about me: I am from Austria (not Australia) and have a little server for max 20 players. I haven't tryed to develope a plugin but some day I want to try! Im 19 years old and full of ideas but I havent the right knowledge to make bukkit plugins.

    What I want: I would be pleased if somebody can develope a plugin that makes the players faster. I thought about that it is set in the config what boots are possible to speed up on ice. It would be cool if there are more than only one boot is possible. Like I set gold boots in the config. So just when the player is on an ice block and is wearing gold boots he or she have an increased speed. Or also two different boots in the config. Like iron and gold boots so thats just the case with two types of boots. And the speed should be not too hight so that the player can still steer.

    Ideas for commands: If its possible just a reload cmd for the admins like /iceskates reload to reload the new settings in the config.

    Ideas for permissions: The player should not can use the plugin without the perm iceskates.use and if the reload cmd for the admin is implemented there should be if possible also an perm like iceskates.reload

    Similar plugin requests: There are more plugins with ice skates but only in connection with hockey. But I need this just to travel faster so i can build ice roads =)

    It would be great if somebody can make this plugin true.
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    I don't think there is a need of this since you go faster on ice compared to all other block
    If u want to go faster on ice just jump and run
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    Sry i dont define the "fast" the speed should be like in a minecart that drives down a hill
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    if you want this, it can totally be done, and is really easy. I had to utilize two parts of this idea in a plugin I made (checking armor type, and checking block the player is on). I'm sure that increasing the player movement speed will not be too difficult...

    If you want it done, I guess you could reply to this, but I use bukkitDev a lot more, so if you were able to PM me on there, it would be awesome!

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