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    My suggestions must be released to the public.
    Path to Enlightment -A way to live with Holy powers

    What should Path to Enlightment be? A plugin that allows you to be loyal to this enlightment and receive special benefits on it, this will focus on more pvp-related as the special benefits will help them in battle.

    Current Religion List (open)

    Holy - Remain faithful and become stronger with faith on your side.
    Harmony - Live in harmony, and regenerate your strength by meditating.
    Horror -Live your life as horrifying, and become strongers by your sins.

    Holy (open)

    Holy - Once you become a holy player, you will begin to get stronger as you remain holy(Being active toward holy) Once you become holy you will receive levels all the way to level 10 the maximum.
    Level 1 - Praying Begin praying(crouching and standing still for more than 10 seconds) and regenerating half a heart per 10 seconds.
    Level 2 - Reciting You will start reciting(holding a book and crouching) and you will receive a 5 seconds potion of strength effect.
    Level 3 - Sacrifice You will kill all mobs nearby, when you die.
    Level 4 - Helpful You will start healing nearby holy players each 30 seconds(half a heart).
    Level 5 - Leap of Faith You will leap 2 blocks higher when you crouch.
    Level 6 - Lasting You will last longer in battle.(10% of dodging an attack.)
    Level 7 - Holy Armor Your armor will last longer.(5% longer.)
    Level 8 - Faithful Weapons Do more damage to mobs.(half a heart - 2 hearts.)
    Level 9 - Selfless When you die you encourage nearby holy players to die with you(healing nearby holy players by 3 hearts)
    Level 10 - Bless You can enchant weapons and armor without an enchanting table(but requiring more exp than usual by using /bless <slot> <enchantment>).

    Harmony (open)

    Level 1 - Meditating Begin meditating(crouching and standing still for more than 6 seconds) and regenerate half a heart per 6 seconds.
    Level 2 - Nature's gift Begin receiving double drops on nature related things(flowers, leaves, lilypads, etcs)
    Level 3 - Nymph's death When you die on a nature block(grass, dirt, leaves, wood, etcs), flowers will spawn near you, and a chest will appear with your inventory on death(only lasts for 20 seconds and once 20 seconds is up the chest will disappears and your items will be dropped normally).
    Level 4 - Graceful Fall You will receive no fall damage(On a 10% chance).
    Level 5 - Call to Help All harmony players nearby will receive a speed of swiftness for 20 seconds, if you die.
    Level 6 - Zen Palm Each fist attack will have a chance(5% chance) to poison a non-harmony player for 5 seconds.
    Level 7 - Rebreaking Breaks armor of non-harmony players faster.(10% faster)
    Level 8 - Fasting Increase hunger time, reducing starvation.
    Level 9 - Call of the wild Call a wolf to your aid.(You will need 5 bones and crouch and right-clicking a block.)
    Level 10 -Bless You can enchant weapons and armor without an enchanting table(but requiring more exp than usual by using /bless <slot> <enchantment>).

    Horror (open)

    Level 1 -Vampiric Gain 1 hearts on an animal or mob's death, and gain 5 hearts on a player's death.
    Level 2 -Rotting Hunger fade slower, but lose more health when the player is out of hunger.
    Level 3 -Ternion Attack Each attack you deal will give you a chance(25%) to deal a critical hit.
    Level 4 -Death Ward Sacrifice hunger for health(When you have under 1 heart and you have more then 5 hunger).
    Level 5 -Outsider Deal 2 hearts to nearby non-horror player.
    Level 6 -Leech Chance(5%) to heal 1 heart on hit.
    Level 7 -Unholy Weapons Your tools last longer(10% longer).
    Level 8 -Unfaithful Deal 1 more heart to animals.
    Level 9 -Weaken Chance(5%) to weaken a player's strength for 5 seconds).
    Level 10 -Unbless You can enchant weapons and armor without an enchanting table(but requiring more exp than usual by using /bless <slot> <enchantment>).

    How would you level up on Holy

    /pte join holy -Join Holy. "pte.join.holy"
    /pte join harmony -Join Harmony. "pte.join.harmony"
    /pte leave holy -Leave Holy. "pte.leave.holy"
    /pte leave harmony -Leaves Harmony. "pte.leave.harmony"
    /pte join horror -Join Horror. "pte.join.horror"
    /pte leave horror -Join Horror. "pte.leave.horror
    /pte help -Displays a help command. "pte.help"

    Messages? (open)

    When you join holy: Your path to enlightment become holy.
    When you leave holy:Your holy path disappears into darkness.
    When you join harmony:Your path to enlightment become peaceful.
    When you leave harmony:Your peaceful path disappears into chaos.
    When you join horror:Your path to enlightment become horrifying.
    When you leave horror:Your horrifying path disappears.
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    I can do most of these. Skype chat?
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    Why Skype?
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    Because thats how i contact people >.>
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    This is a really good idea, keep them coming :p

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