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    Is anyone working on this addon or is it already incorporated in something? I think it would be amazing if this could be done, It would really add another layer to the minecraft experience, It would be great to creep people out with it, I know it would creep me out having Herobrine just standing there staring at me from around the corner in the semi dark then disappear as soon as you get near him compared to getting a hug from a creeper. Which is more funny/cute/annoying then creepy.

    I think it would encourage people on public servers to work together more and interact because some of the people who know the story would get freaked out and would rather stick with others, it would also help spread the story around again, I think minecraft could use a good ghost story!

    If you can set it so it only happens when people are on their own perhaps? When there is nobody else in a 20/40 block radius or so and only in dim light, dusk/edges of a torches light, and at night just the glowing white eyes? Not sure if that's possible. But it should only be occasionally and to random people, If it happens every time someone is alone it wouldn't work, just now and then.
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    Use Citizens Plugin for now but CANT WAIT!
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    It would be really amazing !
    Someone is working on it ?
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    Yah i want it 2
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    I can't wait!
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    I support this post.
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    Wanna this.
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    Whens this going to be released?
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    Maybe he builds whole cities but when more that just you are on it all dissapears and turns to sand or something. This would be so cool.
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    this could be achived with BukkitContrib. Add a NPC and use the feature in BukkitContrib that allows you to change the skin. Controlling it would be the hardest part.
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    MineDev is currently looking to see if this is something that we as a team would like to develop :p
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    Im working hard on it, I found the old iLoveYou hey0 plugin so I am reading its source. I also have it to where he spawns, maybe a day or two till I have a working version
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    Thanks for all of us for doing this work :)
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    Stephen Rieger

    If somebody makes this I will Shit Bricks and Get it RIGHT AWAY. If someone wants to/does make this plugin message me RIGHT AWAY please!!!!
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    Any news on the progress? :)
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    I working hard... got a lot going on in rl, so I have limited coding time everyday. Ill post here soon with a project update with screenshots...

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    I am really thrilled to see who finishes his plugin first. There are lots of announcements here. ;)
    Really looking forward to scare my players... :cool:
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    I have herobrine's files before he was removed

    Here it is, sorry for double posting, i'm new.

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    Thank you :D
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    When will it be here?
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    I don't know, give me time. NPCs are not easy and I also have other plugins to maintain
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    + Support
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