[REQ] Help Whit My Plugin (paying 15$)

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  1. Greetings,

    I am currently working on my first plugin, and i have made many fetuares already! (clap?) :D

    However there is some few more i whant to add, and i know its possible, i just dont know the right way to code it!

    The plugin is an anti-grief plugin, whit features like, tnt/lava/fire place, broadcast! and much more!

    I hope some1 could take the time to help me, hopefully whitout need for the monney, if not, i can ofc pay, since i really wanna get this final product!

    (PS. i KNOW there is many plugins out there like this, so i am not going to reales it, only use it for my server, and to learn the java)

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  2. Code:
    onBlockBreakEvent(Event event){
       if(event.getBlock().getType() == Material.LAVA){
            plugin.getServer().broadcastMessage(event.getPlayer().getName()+" placed lava.");
  3. @TechGuard

    I have made that, all that is done! I just whant to add more things, like if some1 fills a bucket whit lava.. and config file, and logg etc!

    I also made permission :) So most of the plugin is done, i just need help whit some event i dont know how works!
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    onPlayerBucketFill will get what you need for buckets with lava. There are some config tutorials over in Resources. For a log, just create a file and have it append each time one of the actions occurs.
  5. Are you using eclipes? If so, go to your BlockListener and press CTRL + Space, and it shows you all the events for the block listener. It saves you some time, finding out what event you need :)
  6. @TechGuard

    I know that, but i dont know how to code it, and how to make config file, and logg for what happens where by whom!

    I will pay 15$ to the person that sit down whit me and help me whit the last thing on my plugin!

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  7. Haha, I could use the money :p
    Skype: rnguard
  8. I just added you!:)
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    Add me too if you still need help. My skype is Specops343.
  10. Wow I didn't know that but damn its useful :D
  11. Haha, I've found that out the same way as you just did.
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  12. ^^ me too :D

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