[REQ] harder minecraft is funnier minecraft (ideas) [FORMATTED]

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    plugin category: FUN/MISC

    Suggested name(s): Hradcraft

    A bit about me:


    First of all, sorry for my bad english, i'm belgian and not used to write so much in english, i hope this is still possible to understand.

    I used to play minecraft alot, and i'm one of the few ones who think that minecraft is really EASY, even in hardmode. Every single mob is easy to deal with, and once you got mastered the thing, you probably will take damages only from hunger and falling. I dislike that.

    I like building things, but i also like the idea that i'm (with the people on my server) one of the last human being on "earth" and if i'm here, it means probably that people were here before (like those, outside, that turned down to zombies and skeletons).
    And that means, if they all turned down to zombies, ALL of them, they were probably hunted down... so am i... and that's why i should DEFEND myself, whatever it costs!

    but, with beds, no night, no monsters, no challenge, just finding materials and building... what i want is a more challenging minecraft!

    for exemple, lots of ppl know how to make a door out of pistons... that's pretty, sometimes, but always useless, unless u got someting to hide... why hiding on a "lemme show u my buildings" server?

    of course, that's only my point of view.

    What i want: I want challenge in minecraft, i want the need of building something to defend urself, not only to be beautiful. I want survival minecraft to be SURVIVAL, the real one.
    But, so far, i havn't found alot of plugins making that possible and that's why, here, i will develop numerous ideas of different plugins that i'd love to have realised, but wich probably won't fit in only one plugin (?maybe they do?). for each plugin, there will be probably no need in commands nor permissions, just a good config file.

    1. sight range.
    it seems monster hunt you down when u get in their sight (10 blocks) and they can SEE you, and don't follow you after 16blocks range. it'd be really awesome if they could find you at... let's say 30-50 block range AND not need to see you, they can "feel" you!
    the config could have aggro-range per mob, so it can be different for each one.

    2..it's in the water!
    lots of people are affraid of water, what if water is now a giant mob spawner! i mean, looking like that, u probably won't put your house near any waterspot, nor have any crops or farm, so, when any place is 2X2 water or more it should act as a random hostile mob spawner. and of course, if a 2X2 water can spawn some monsters, imagine what a river... or AN OCEAN can spawn and at what rate!!

    3.1 we have no more time!
    the difficulty increase day by day, monster gets HP+, STRENGH+, SPAWN+, ... sight range+?
    I'd like the config to have all the parameters for the day by day evolution.

    3.2 death will come really soon
    THIS is the way minecraft should be: from the 3.1, add the fact monsters can break/climb over blocks
    1st and 2nd night, everything feels like normal, then they begin, 3rd night, they can break wood, 10 sec a block. 4th night they can break wood in 7 sec and cobble in 10. then comes glass, stone, dirt, log, anything, and it becomes faster.
    same as the 3.1, config could have that so it's easy to manage.

    4. HORDE
    waddabout that? a big world is only flat sand (or mountains), even underground, but here and there are found logs, stone, iron ores, water, chest. add this to 3.2 and 3.1 and u'll get the sensation of playing horde (look for it on google if u don't know what it is) and you can even make a "score list" of number of days survived (once evb is dead, server says scores, and restart making a new world, goal is to survive the most time)

    add everything together and make the biggest survival island server EVER made, but each feature can be enjoyable alone :)

    5. (just look down here)

    6. roaming mobs
    now they're just like "nice weather tonight, ain't it? -yeah, too bad we gonna burn tomorrow morning, still i enjoyed ur company, sir" wouldn't it be better to have a "i dunno where i can haz those, but... BRAAAAAIIIINZZZ"? i mean, if they start wandering around faster (without getting asmtha eatch 3 blocks...) they'll reach u faster.
    no need in perm, command or special config to be modified.

    7. speedy mobs
    ... what else?...

    8. target
    each mob could spawn with a target on, on him, so whatever the range is, zombie just spawn, take back that eye on the ground and begin to "fly as flapping its buttock" until he reach his target

    when i'd like it by: the sooner the better, but since exams begin in two weeks, i probably won't use it before 20th june anyway.

    similar plugin requests: none i think.

    Devs who might be interested in it: i don't know, AND i don't know HOW to know that?? but i think since it's the first req. really different of all the "making a wood-cutter NPC, a warp between worlds and turn the sky pink plz" requests, every single Dev will be interested! (troll spotted) .
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    Nice idea, but I don't know if it's all possible. If it is, I would love to have it too. I'll keep an eye on this!
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    maybe with spout :) and i though of a

    5. the hell are those legs?!?
    like spiders seems to jump at you to attack, zombies do so too, but look at their legs, they're SO STRONG they can jump 3 BLOCKS HEIGHT and 3 LONG! you better be ready, they WILL reach you!
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    Everything but sight range is possible without spout. The difficulty by day seems pretty easy, mobs I believe can be programmed to break certain materials.
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    yes, they can, it's pretty ugly since the material just disapear making no sound, but still, it's pretty fun :) i hate the fact that the aggro range is so small :'(

    Added 6. 7. 8.
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    9. contamination
    everything in this world is now hostile against u! it will be harder to have your cows lend meat because they will attack you!

    10. mini-boss
    the golems, they actually spawns naturally... and looking for you too... beware.

    10.2 mini-boss 2
    named mobs? sounds hard to make and i'm not even sure it could be but sometimes, a zombie/spider/skeleton/whatever spawns, different color and alot stronger, can make fire where he hits, explosives arrow, put spidernet on you,...
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    10.2: impossible without spout

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